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Corrie What did Tony do that was so bad

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seasidesally Mon 16-Nov-15 19:46:36

hi,watching Corrie the last few weeks and things are getting complicated with Liz and Tony

i missed a few episodes awhile back so why are they so against Liz and Toni getting back together ??

i know about his affair but dont understand the him taking the pub ?? any help with this would be great

AnguaResurgam Mon 16-Nov-15 19:55:16

Tony was living with Liz. He had an affair with Tracey. At her instigation, he plotted to get his hands on the Rovers and throw the MacDonald clan out.

He faked a financial crisis (all mixed up with Steve, depressive crisis and Streetcars tax bill) which led the MacDonald family to sell Steve's half of the Rovers to Travis pubco. And then further woes leading Liz to be on the point of selling her half too. But then, on the very day of the sale, Carla stepped in.

Travis was really Tony. But owning half the pub wasn't enough to remove Liz.

Tracey hit the roof. And told Liz all about the affair.

seasidesally Mon 16-Nov-15 20:09:19

thank you so much explaining all of that,it makes sense now

much appreciated

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