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Man in the high castle...

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FeedMyFaceWithJaffaCakes Sun 15-Nov-15 22:16:28

Has anyone watched this yet?!
I saw it advertised in the cinema!
It's on Amazon.
Based on a novel and main plot line is what would of happened in America if Allied Forces had lost WW2 and Hilter.Nazis were in power!
Looks really dramatic.
First two eps. Are up, with the rest being released on 20/11.
I'm gunna watch some tonight grin

ItGoesWithoutSaying Mon 16-Nov-15 15:03:13

Watched the first two episodes. Really liked it.

(DH is a ig fan of the novel it is based on. Philip K Dick. Slightly marred by him banging on about the differences whilst we were watching.)

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