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Downton Abbey Xmas special details revealed!

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Cerseirys Sun 15-Nov-15 13:34:14

Some spoilers that aren't particularly spoilery here. And as suspected, Patricia Hodge will be playing Bertie's formidable mother!


diddl Sun 15-Nov-15 20:48:32

So will Bertie & Edith marry?

I'm torn between hoping that they do so that she beomes a Marchioness & also thinking that it would be quite interesting for to say no that her daughter & paper are enough & that even being a Marchioness doesn't tempt her!

Zampa Sun 15-Nov-15 20:52:44

I can't help thinking about how George is going to die in the Second World War ... Glad that the series is finishing in 1926 ...

Cerseirys Sun 15-Nov-15 21:11:42

I know, providing the ulcer doesn't flare up again, there's every chance that Robert will outlive George and what's left of the estate will go to another distant cousin.

WhataRacquet Thu 19-Nov-15 14:00:43

I often find myself wondering what would have happened to them all in the "future".

sadwidow28 Fri 20-Nov-15 01:11:35


So will Bertie & Edith marry?

Do not open this link if you don't want to know:

Downton Abbey in end of season spoiler blunder after key giveaway prop is left behind in church

sadwidow28 Wed 25-Nov-15 15:32:21

I don't think there is any earth-shattering news in the recent Media articles, but



Downton Abbey Christmas spoilers - The Mirror

The Mirror, 3rd November 2015

Downton Abbey confirms return characters

Digital Spy, 9th November 2015

Exclusive: Downton Abbey stars on why it's the right time to end: 'We can't all be 105 in the internet age'

Digital Spy, 9th November 2015

Hugh Bonneville teases Downton Abbey Christmas special: ‘What you saw was not the end’

The Metro, 11th November 2015

Does Lady Edith finally get her happy ending?

Daily Mail, 13th November 2015

Spoiler Alert: Downton Abbey final episode details revealed

Hello Magazine, 13th November 2015

sadwidow28 Thu 26-Nov-15 12:58:30


I won't even give you the title of this article ...... wink

Radio Times, 23rd November 2015

OldGreyCat Thu 26-Nov-15 20:07:31

Can't wait...

SheHasAWildHeart Wed 02-Dec-15 11:38:08

Barrow/Rob is in a new movie called The Christmas Star coming out in a few weeks.

"Narrated by Hollywood legend Liam Neeson and featuring appearances from Pierce Brosnan and Kylie Minogue. A Christmas Star, set it Northern Ireland, centres on young Noelle, who believes she can perform miracles after being born under a ‘Christmas Star’ and attempts to use her gift alongside her friends to save their village from developers."

diddl Fri 04-Dec-15 11:19:30

Three weeks to go!

Cerseirys Fri 04-Dec-15 14:47:53

I'm in Australia for the month. I will hunt the Christmas special down on a streaming site on Boxing Day!

SheHasAWildHeart Fri 04-Dec-15 14:54:44

Downton Christmas trailer

diddl Fri 04-Dec-15 15:47:19

Can't really make much from it!

Henry doesn't look overly happy!

Looks as if Rosamund sets up a meeting between Edith & Bertie.

Isobel & Dickie getting married??

Cerseirys Sat 05-Dec-15 12:53:24


sadwidow, the unnamed character in that article may not be who we think it is. The trailer clearly shows Edith and Rosamund meeting Bertie, so perhaps Michael G is the surprise? I've said it from the moment he disappeared...

sadwidow28 Mon 07-Dec-15 19:29:39

I know that Laura Carmichael (Edith) has given interviews about filming the last scenes and the entire cast and crew are sworn to secrecy about who she was filming with .......

I did enjoy the Christmas Special trailer. I saw it on TV yesterday.

Cerseirys Tue 08-Dec-15 04:38:58

Hmm that does make me think Charles Edwards has made a return as I don't think there'd be that much secrecy if it was Bertie.

TheDowagerCuntess Tue 08-Dec-15 04:50:21

I'm a little bit delighted that the major cliffhanger to the end of the entire run is based on Edith. She was thoroughly unlikable when it all began, but now I find myself completely rooting for her, and on her side.

Michael is the Iove of her life. Also, her comment to Bertie in the final was a bit telling. 'I've been in love before, I won't try to deny it. But I do love you, Bertie'. Or words to that effect.

If she loved him more than Michael, I suspect her turn of phrase would've been quite different.

Cerseirys Tue 08-Dec-15 11:19:49

I called it from the start and I'm calling it now. Michael and a friend were involved in the Beer Hall Putsch and the friend was killed. However there was a case of mistaken identity which resulted in people thinking it was Michael who died. Michael received a knock on the head which rendered him an amnesiac and has been living in Germany these past few years with no idea who he really is. Suddenly he recovers his memory and rushes back to England to find Edith. Edith is about to marry Bertie when Michael bursts into the church at the moment the vicar asks if anyone has any objections. And Edith has to decide.

Now, where's my Emmy award...

FadedRed Tue 08-Dec-15 11:29:33

And the 2016 Predication award goes to......................(drum roll).........................Cerseirys

howtorebuild Tue 08-Dec-15 11:33:04

I do hope Edith gets a happy ending.

I imagine Anna will have one too.

Cerseirys Tue 08-Dec-15 11:57:16

But unlikely that Thomas will get any sort of happy ending...

SheHasAWildHeart Tue 08-Dec-15 15:21:19

"I came here a boy, and I leave here a man." I think Thomas should get a spin-off show, but only when he's being evil, lol.

SheHasAWildHeart Tue 15-Dec-15 13:46:46

Sad news about the actress who plays Mary. Her fiancé has died, he was 34.

sadwidow28 Tue 15-Dec-15 15:59:11

Oh how very sad. I didn't spot that news. The Daily Mail reports that he died of a very rare form of cancer.

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