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The Bridge series 3 starts 21st November 9pm BBC 4

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Sunnymeg Sat 14-Nov-15 15:37:10

It will be really interesting to see what happens to Saga, this time round.

AgentProvocateur Sat 14-Nov-15 16:00:34

Really looking forward to this. I take it Martin's not in it?

Piffpaffpoff Sat 14-Nov-15 16:04:50

I cannot wait. Surely Martin has to be in it somehow?

ThingWithFeathers Sat 14-Nov-15 17:23:41

Really looking forward to this.

DuckDuckMongoose Sat 14-Nov-15 17:26:00

Thanks for the heads up!

FuckyNell Sat 14-Nov-15 17:27:00

I hope the poster called saganorensleathertrousers sees this grin

snozzlemaid Sat 14-Nov-15 20:17:26

Looking forward to series 3. I read somewhere that this time Saga is on her own.

Lenuccia Mon 16-Nov-15 18:00:37

Yeah - from the trailer it does look like Saga is on her own

Elendon Wed 18-Nov-15 11:38:33

I don't think Martin is in it but I can't remember why he isn't. Was he suspended from the force?

Can't wait till Saturday!

Ooogetyooo Wed 18-Nov-15 11:53:39

Love this,didn't think it was back so soon. sAga is fab!!

Lenuccia Wed 18-Nov-15 12:36:36

I think martin was arrested for killing the guy in prison (who had done all the murders in series 1). Saga worked out how he had fiendishly poisoned the guy.

OneMoreCasualty Wed 18-Nov-15 23:38:29

Woo hoo!

The prisoner martin killed at the end of s2 was responsible for martin's son dying at the end of s1. Saga turned him in.

ouryve Wed 18-Nov-15 23:44:41

I'll not be able to watch it live because DS1 won't go to bed before about 9:30, now. I'll probably forget to record it, then orget to watch it (partly because by the time DS1's gone to bed, I CBA!)

SagaNorensLeatherTrousers Fri 20-Nov-15 09:32:16

I'm here, I'm here! Just came to check to see if a thread has started and lo and behold. grin

SagaNorensLeatherTrousers Fri 20-Nov-15 09:56:36

Oh and I think I read somewhere that the actor who plays Martin didn't like the direction his character was taking in the script so he pulled out. sad Will be interesting to see how Saga manages on her own, and I'm hoping maybe there will be a surprise reunion at some point...maybe?!

anonacfr Fri 20-Nov-15 14:08:50

One word- yay!

SagaNorensLeatherTrousers Sat 21-Nov-15 08:24:14

The teaser trailer is v good. Saga sitting all alone in her car reflecting on sending Martin to jail to Johnny Cash's Hurt.

nannynick Sat 21-Nov-15 14:08:13

Not long to wait.

hackmum Sat 21-Nov-15 14:55:58

Saga has a new partner, apparently. I can't wait either!

RoosterCogburn Sat 21-Nov-15 23:15:53

I thoroughly enjoyed those two episodes.

So many questions - what on earth is her new partner up to with his singles club etc

What is the creepy cleaner doing?

When Saga's trousers were mentioned was I the only one who thought of the username on here?

eddiemairswife Sat 21-Nov-15 23:22:53

Is the blond chap the cleaner? I wondered who he was.

RoosterCogburn Sat 21-Nov-15 23:26:56

I think he was the cleaner.
DH thinks he would have access to chloroform and is therefore a prime suspect. I say it's too early in the series to decide!

stopfaffing Sun 22-Nov-15 12:59:57

Just watching on catch up. thought I'd better get on the thread for later grin...

Optimist1 Sun 22-Nov-15 15:54:20

Just remembering how I have to watch it and not spend time wondering about who the various characters are in the first few episodes - experience of the previous series is that it all becomes clear in time. Poor old Hans; out of the frying pan and into the fire for him at the end of ep2!

Did anyone else think the blog woman was chanelling Katie Hopkins? grin

stopfaffing Sun 22-Nov-15 15:57:56

I am watching just how upset Saga is that her mother has turned up. I remember in the first series that she was able to identify a character showing showing symptoms of Munchausen's by Proxy because she had seen in with her sister and parents.

She still believes this having been estranged from her parents for 20 years. Why has her mother turned up wanting her to make peace with her father, blackmailing her by threatening to tell Saga's colleagues about how her sister died?

Interesting sub-plot.

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