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Any one else following Once Upon a Time?

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ISaySteadyOn Thu 12-Nov-15 20:28:35

On Netflix, series 5? Or is it just me?

SmaDizietSma Thu 12-Nov-15 21:51:35

Me too. We catch up on Fridays.

anotherbloomingusername Thu 12-Nov-15 22:01:47

Yep, me as well!

magicstar1 Thu 12-Nov-15 22:12:08

Me too...though I watch it on Monday straight after it's aired in America.
I'm not enjoying this season as much as the earlier ones...hope it picks up.

Groovee Thu 12-Nov-15 22:19:46

Me... But I don't like Emma as the dark one!

ThatsNotMyRabbit Thu 12-Nov-15 22:30:15

Me. Love it. So does DS but oddly enough Magic he said earlier that this season isn't as good smile

Don't care how bad it gets so long as Hook is in it.....

ISaySteadyOn Fri 13-Nov-15 20:06:24

I think Robert Carlyle totally steals the show every time he appears in whichever incarnation.

I'm actually really enjoying the take on Arthur. But I think the Charmings seem to be becoming dimmer.

SmaDizietSma Sat 14-Nov-15 09:01:39

Robert Carlisle is a the dogs. Best by far.

ThatsNotMyRabbit Sat 14-Nov-15 14:21:14

Oh gosh yes - love Rumpel the best!!

Favourite female character is Regina. Possibly because she gets most of the best lines smile

olaflikeswarmhugs Sat 14-Nov-15 14:26:09

Dd and I love it grin

Agree though that Emma as the dark one isn't great. Although I wasn't keen on the frozen storyline .

Loving merida and the camelot storyline.

ISaySteadyOn Sat 14-Nov-15 21:16:29

I notice we are all carefully trying not to put any spoilers in. How far has everyone seen? The last one I saw was Nimue which is the latest one afaik.

olaflikeswarmhugs Sat 14-Nov-15 21:17:14

Same here steady on. That's the last one I've seen too smile

Rinceoir Sun 15-Nov-15 00:16:13

I'm following on Netflix too, catching up on Wednesdays usually but only saw tonight this week. Not mad on dark Emma either, but I'm assuming she has some great plan to banish her darkness. Definitely need more Robert Carlyle this season. We must be coming to the end of the Camelot arc- the last few series have had 2 villains/quests.

ISaySteadyOn Sun 15-Nov-15 08:57:15

So can I talk openly about Arthur? I won't spoil anything for anyone?

tribpot Sun 15-Nov-15 09:00:18

I'm struggling to get past the recycling of the 'oh we all lost our memories' plot device - SO lame.

Rinceoir Sun 15-Nov-15 12:51:25

I think if we are all up to date we should be able to discuss it?! I agree tribpot, the losing memories has been done to death. And the Charmings are not what they once were.

tribpot Sun 15-Nov-15 13:38:10

Yep I think discussing at Netflix speed should be okay, as that's the basis the thread was started on.

CaptainKit Sun 15-Nov-15 13:52:48

A Netflix watcher here too. Having binge-watched the first four series on NF in a OUAT haze I'm struggling to cope with this weeklong wait between episodes, so am having to rewatch the previous episode each Wednesday when the new one's out.

I'm liking the Dark Swan, but at the same time hoping they get her light again by the mid season finale - like the Frozen storyline was all wrapped up by episode 8 or 10 of series 4. I need my Emma and Hook happiness to hurry up and arrive. I guess they might just sort out the Arthur stuff by then and keep the Dark Emma stuff going...

brittanyfairies Sun 15-Nov-15 14:15:48

I'm watching, wasn't so keen on the Nimue story this week, and not so sure about Dark Swan, she's just stomping about with an impassive face and really tight leather trousers.

The Charmings are extremely dull these days, but I do like Regina and her evil sister, they both get some good lines.

iwantanewcar Sun 15-Nov-15 14:27:22

very sadly so far behind now. I have s1 and 2 on dvd and will request others for Xmas. Just pleased it is still going - every other series I like has been canned.

ISaySteadyOn Sun 15-Nov-15 15:16:05

Good, I can say it. I think the idea of Arthur as a villain is really interesting and I like how it was his obsession that led to it.

magicstar1 Tue 17-Nov-15 10:26:48

Double episode this week...I won't comment yet as it's not on Netflix until tomorrow, but I have to say I really like Merida. It's great that she's a real Scottish person too - it's not an easy accent to get right!

tribpot Tue 17-Nov-15 10:58:28

Yes, they don't do too badly for accents, do they? Robin Hood - also British. Hook's actually Irish so not quite sure why he's doing an English accent (but he does it very well). Will Scarlet's even got a Midlands accent (albeit Derby not Nottingham - not that I think the Merry Men spoke with a modern Midlands accent anyway!).

Best villain ever, btw, was Pan. (Also played by a Brit).

ThatsNotMyRabbit Tue 17-Nov-15 11:39:47

I love the actress who plays Merida. She was Daisy in Being Human. She is my girl crush.

AlbusPercival Tue 17-Nov-15 11:46:39

Yay I have found my people!

Agree, not crazy about Dark Emma, or the repeat of ooh we cant remember what happened

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