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Did anyone watch the Beatles number ones programme last night?

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BeckerLleytonNever Thu 12-Nov-15 16:54:33

Oh wow, it was fab wasnt it?

Havent listened to them for ages and Id forgotten just how awesome they were, and the impact they've made to music and history.

dont know why they did the American number ones though and not the British , but never mind.

and Paul and Ringo at the end.

the storries and facts were good werent they? I remembered all my Beatles knowledge suddenly.

gosh. paul and george were lovely when they were young.

BeckerLleytonNever Tue 17-Nov-15 17:14:37

oh my giddy aunt, I cant be the only Beatles fan around am I? I feel likeEleanor Rigby! sad.

come and joinm e please.

Sparklingbrook Tue 17-Nov-15 17:18:53

BeckerLleytonNever Tue 17-Nov-15 17:25:35

thanks. didn't know there was another thread.

Sparklingbrook Tue 17-Nov-15 17:33:05

I didn't want you to be all lonely. grin Were there two Beatles programmes this week?

thecitydoc Wed 18-Nov-15 11:29:20

I watched it being a huge Beatles fan and growing up with their music. But also recorded it as missed much of it as my son and his girlfriend (both 25) were singing along to every song played, knowing all the words Will watch again in peace later. Somehow can't imagine my future grandchildren knowing all the words to One Direction songs when they are 25

BeckerLleytonNever Wed 18-Nov-15 16:47:35

exactly (hey, friends, yippee!) regarding 1D.

DC is well educated on music, indeedy, and knows all the songs and loves them.

Beatles, Elvis, etc etc, although she does like some current bands -the most current being McFly and Jonas!

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