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I've just caught up on Seasons 1-4 of Game of Thrones; is there anywhere I can watch season 5?

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Katymac Thu 05-Nov-15 20:37:16

I seem to have missed the start of it on Atlantic & on catch up

SecretLocker Fri 06-Nov-15 17:56:22

I'll watch this thread with interest. I've binge-watched 1-4 on dvd. S5 not available on dvd til early 2016.
I have Virgin TVXL but have no idea if it'll be on any of my channels any time soon sad

ProfYaffle Fri 06-Nov-15 17:57:58

We bought it on Blinkbox, think it was about £20.

BrandNewAndImproved Fri 06-Nov-15 18:01:05

Sky usually bring out the last season to watch on demand before the new season starts. Not helpful for now but it'll be on there round about Feb/March.

Katymac Sat 07-Nov-15 09:16:40

Thanks everyone.....I'm stingy

TheSpectreOfMorningtonCrescent Sat 07-Nov-15 09:31:33

Shhhh, the cartoon hd app has it. Won't work on apple but ok on android.

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