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I'm a sensible, grown woman but I can't stop watching Melissa and Joey.

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BlackAmericanoNoSugar Tue 03-Nov-15 22:03:42

blush I watch anytime I see it in schedule, it only started about a month ago. I alternately loath my bad taste or minimise it as a minor guilty pleasure. It doesn't even make much sense as I'm not watching it in any sort of order, sometimes the children are young and Melissa and Joey don't get along very well, sometimes the children are a bit older and Melissa and Joey are dating/married and I've even seen one where she was pregnant (although that may have been a dream, my grip on reality is tenuous re M&J).

It's not funny, the jokes are obvious and dated and often reliant on Joey reprising the "Woah" that he used to say in Blossom. The romance is also pretty unbelievable and clunky. And yet, I can't stop watching it. I really need the new series of Big Bang Theory to start, really really need it.

(It would be all sorts of wrong to buy the box set of M&J so I could see all the episodes in order from the start, wouldn't it?)

DextersMistress Tue 03-Nov-15 22:05:17

It's because joey is so unbelievably fucking hot. It doesn't even have to make sense.

BlackAmericanoNoSugar Tue 03-Nov-15 22:06:41


Hayels Tue 03-Nov-15 22:07:40

You know the new series of BBT started a couple of weeks ago??

Buttercup27 Tue 03-Nov-15 22:09:58

Me too ! I love that it's so mi dress I don't have to think about any thing when I watch it.
Definitely my guilty pleasure that I would never admit in rl!

Twooter Tue 03-Nov-15 22:13:31

Joey's hot in the early episodes, but seems a bit camp for me in the later ones

BlackAmericanoNoSugar Tue 03-Nov-15 22:14:13

Did it? How did I miss that? I'll have to get recording. I haven't been watching any Channel 4 recently, but it's coming up on RTE2 soon so I won't have missed the early episodes if I record from there.

DextersMistress Tue 03-Nov-15 22:14:29

Don't know why I watch it either. Oh wait...

VulcanWoman Tue 03-Nov-15 22:14:40

Hair transplant, shaped eye brows, the Man looks odd, have watched a bit of it and that's all I can see.

Peppapogstillonaloop Tue 03-Nov-15 22:14:52

Me to! I watch it in the gym, I may have recorded one on Sky the other day blush it's so clunky and one dimensional but I keep watching!

SilentBob Tue 03-Nov-15 22:15:12

I absolutely cannot watch it. I would love to- I need a bit of shitty to in my life, I really do. But I can't.

Is it because of the 'filmed in front of a live studio audience' canned laughter? Or the tedious will-they/won't-they (we all know they will, even those of us who have never seen it) or the ever-increasing ridiculousness of the storylines?

Nope, it is because I just boggle at how bad Melissa Joan Hart is at walking/standing/sitting/being in heels. Seriously, once you've seen it, it cannot be unseen.

DextersMistress Tue 03-Nov-15 22:15:52

Haven't seen any of the newer ones tbf, didn't even know they became a couple!

BlackAmericanoNoSugar Tue 03-Nov-15 22:19:47

Yes, she's a bit like a weeble in motion, isn't she? Now that I think about it, it's Joey's motion that is attractive, looks-wise he's not my type at all but he's hardly ever still and he has a bit of a panther-y motion. I'm a bit the same with some of the male Strictly pros, not terribly attractive chatting on the sofa with Zoe but once they start dancing I would totally leap on them.

Wagglebees Wed 04-Nov-15 21:24:43

I have to see this now. I feel like I might have watch one ages ago where Melissa wasn't sure if she was pregnant or not but I don't think she wanted to be or was worried how he's react or something and then she wasn't. I think.

Which channel and what time is it on please?

Fairylea Wed 04-Nov-15 21:30:02

I enjoy this too smile

I really like the on screen chemistry between them both actually. It's very watchable !!

Destinysdaughter Wed 04-Nov-15 21:33:32

I like this too and Joey Lawrence was sooo cute as a teen popstar!

Fairylea Wed 04-Nov-15 21:35:28

Does he sing the theme tune or am I imagining it? The voice sounds familiar !

Redcrayons Wed 04-Nov-15 21:40:08

I've seen it a few times, I don't think I watched closely enough because I thought that he's her gay best friend.

TweeterandtheMonkeyman Wed 04-Nov-15 21:44:03

OMG I have never seen or heard of this as i have had some time off watching tv...but it totally sounds like something i would enjoy, i love any old American sitcom crap grin Am off to Google!

fastdaytears Wed 04-Nov-15 21:45:31

This is so, so shit but I love it.

Also, when I grow up I want to be Melissa Joan Hart

I think part of why I enjoy watching is it makes me think I'm 10 again and watch Clarissa Explains It All

Destinysdaughter Wed 04-Nov-15 22:01:01

I'm pretty sure it is him singing it.

Destinysdaughter Wed 04-Nov-15 22:06:37

Ooh look at him here in his teen idol days ( shirtless too..!)smile

NuggetofPurestGreen Wed 04-Nov-15 22:09:15

I've only ever seen 5 minutes of this here and there but I didn't realise that was Joey of Blossom fame!!! shock

Notimefortossers Wed 04-Nov-15 22:12:21


BankWadger Wed 04-Nov-15 22:17:04

There is a whole season where he appears to have shoe polish on his head instead of hair. Why, just why?

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