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Secret Life of a 4 Year Old

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Pipbin Tue 03-Nov-15 20:50:35

I can't believe there isn't a thread on this! If there is please link to it

As a reception teacher I am loving the setting they are in.
I would like to see the parents comments on their children though. It would be interesting to hear how different the children's behaviour is to home.

Pipbin Tue 03-Nov-15 20:51:03

And such articulate children.

cogitosum Tue 03-Nov-15 20:56:16

Oh his little face

cogitosum Tue 03-Nov-15 20:56:47

With the spoon sad

Only1scoop Tue 03-Nov-15 20:57:48

Oh I've only just tuned in.

Will have to watch on catch up

Pipbin Tue 03-Nov-15 20:58:14

I know, poor little love. I really felt for both of them.

IguanaTail Tue 03-Nov-15 20:58:28

It was great!! Loved Theo so much.

firefly78 Tue 03-Nov-15 21:00:06

loved this especially as my ds is 4. so interesting. think my son would have a total meltdown if he was the only one not to have a bubble gun.

Pipbin Tue 03-Nov-15 21:00:18

I only saw the second half, but it was interesting.

Girlfriend36 Tue 03-Nov-15 21:00:30

Love the show! Thought those two kids at the end handled the disappointing present really well, my dd would have gone ballistic!! I don't know what it is about these shows but i find parts of them really emotional blush

Pipbin Tue 03-Nov-15 21:01:18

I think the disappointing present was rather cruel and didn't really prove much.

Girlfriend36 Tue 03-Nov-15 21:01:33

Theo at the end 'I love you' <weeps> so sweet.

Girlfriend36 Tue 03-Nov-15 21:02:50

Tia is a forse to be reckoned with, really switched on though and mature for her age. My dd at age 9yo would struggle to express her emotions as well as she did!!

Pipbin Tue 03-Nov-15 21:02:51

Of course, teaching reception, this is my day but with less money, resources and less articulate children.

Girlfriend36 Tue 03-Nov-15 21:03:08

force blush

BastardGoDarkly Tue 03-Nov-15 21:49:58

Watching it on catch up, having a 4 year old myself, I find it fascinating smile

IguanaTail Tue 03-Nov-15 22:04:13

Tia so articulate. I think kids water down their disappointed reactions when they are not in the company of immediate family.

Loved Charlotte pointing out the ones who left their seats.

DownstairsMixUp Tue 03-Nov-15 22:06:03

Me and husband said the same about tia. She's very good at expressing herself, better than my 6 year old!

Madeyemoodysmum Tue 03-Nov-15 22:57:46

I love this programme. I'm welling up or belly laughing throughout.

Kampeki Tue 03-Nov-15 23:59:05

What adorable kids they were!! I thought Theo was adorable! Also loved Tia and Charlotte, all of them actually. It's fascinating to see how they interact with each other.

So cute!

ThunderbumsMum Wed 04-Nov-15 00:33:23

I agree, what a lovely programme. Charlotte was my fav this week, she is adorable.

Kampeki Wed 04-Nov-15 00:46:02

Yes, Charlotte was very sweet. I loved all of them though. Lovely to watch!

desperatehousewife21 Wed 04-Nov-15 09:39:29

Love this programme, watched the last series of it too.

I agree though it would be good for say the last 10mins to see parents reactions.

spidey66 Wed 04-Nov-15 10:12:05

Charlotte to Tia: ''I'm going to tell Father Christmas, the Tooth Fairy and my Grandad you left your seat.'' grin

ThroughThickAndThin01 Wed 04-Nov-15 10:26:42

I loved that programme. They all seemed so bright! I loved Charlotte, and Tia, so gutsy. And Tyler-Theos hard work to befriend him worked.

I can't really remember my now teens at 4.

I can't wait until the next episode.

I'd like to see what the parents say too.

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