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Hugh F-W's War on Waste

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QuizteamBleakley Mon 02-Nov-15 21:20:38

After an annoying start (where HF-W takes shopping from people and puts it in a bin, thereby perpetuating the issue, for 'illustrative purposes') this is shocking beyond measure. Seeing the amount of food being binned when there are people resorting to foodbanks is fucking shocking and upsetting.

lastqueenofscotland Mon 02-Nov-15 21:23:37

The woman binning in date bacon. God

My mum doesn't believe in sell by dates and I think the record we found was best before 1998 when we were there last Christmas.

No one needs to be that extreme but common bloody sense can be employed.

specialsubject Mon 02-Nov-15 22:25:34

if only...

the food throwing at the start annoyed me, then the people on the farm almost had me in tears.

we need laws against what is happening; the 'cosmetic control' needs to be stopped now.

QuizteamBleakley Mon 02-Nov-15 22:25:53

Well, I'm boycotting Morrisons. Bastards.

Donge13 Mon 02-Nov-15 22:27:06

This is why I shop at the local market and butcher, buy just what we need and no sell by dates

hollinhurst84 Tue 03-Nov-15 01:42:37

I wanted to cry at the farm at the start
Why not accept ones that are funny shapes or sizes, sell them cheaper? I will happily buy odd shaped stuff providing it tastes good!

avocadoghost Tue 03-Nov-15 01:47:16

Quizteam do you think any of the other big supermarkets will be any better though? I certainly don't.

Wingedharpy Tue 03-Nov-15 16:09:13

I found it absolutely immoral all the waste of food, and in particular, the veges that never made it off the farm as they knew they would be rejected.
I am sure that Morrison's are no better/worse than any of the other supermarkets and did feel that the farmers who agreed to be filmed were either very brave or very stupid - brave AFAIC.
I suspect that Morrison's didn't re-new their parsnip contract when it came up for renewal and found themselves another supplier thereby wiping out that farm's main customer as a result. (I don't know this but is just a theory - there's a reason why HFW found it difficult to find a farmer willing to speak on camera).
Surely, fresh food would be cheaper too if the producers didn't have to faff about sorting out curly/ugly veg from the pretty veg?
And while we're on the subject, I wish supermarkets wouldn't bag up fruit and veg as I feel that contributes to waste - people end up buying stuff they have no intention of using as they really only wanted 3 parsnips but could only get them in a bag of 6 - unless, they shopped elsewhere of course, though this is easier said than done for lots of folk.
I think it is a very worthwhile campaign but I'm not sure HFW has the necessary charisma to front it.

avocadoghost Tue 03-Nov-15 16:13:27

Winged waste suits the supermarkets though, doesn't it. If they sell someone a bag of 8 apples and the person only needs 2, what do they care if it means that 6 end up in the bin? They've made their money.

But you're right, I do wish they sold everything loose. The Morrisons near us sells most things loose. Not parsnips though I don't think...

BobandKate0 Tue 03-Nov-15 20:22:33

Why are Spanish Onions are only ever sold in a pack of three ?

Also why don't KFC put their cold unsold chicken into a sandwich and sell it - have they done a deal with the pret type shops agreeing not to tread on their toes.

Davros Tue 03-Nov-15 23:44:52

It's a scandal and they charge us for carrier bags which I use to recycle all the food packaging!!

RabbitSaysWoof Sat 07-Nov-15 08:55:17

Just watched on I player, it's an eye opener. Those fatest parsnips not getting through are the best ones, I feel really sorry for the Hammonds but I think their minds were made up that they would not last long anyway so respect to them for helping uncover this on their way out, it could have been different for them if hfw had had success with Morrisons.
I also feel like Morrisons would be one to avoid now, but as pp's have said they may not be the only. Didn't Tesco have an advert a few years ago for their value veg, saying they were ugly but tasty, I use to think value would not be as nice but that made me realise it's all cosmetic.

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