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Nettletheelf Mon 02-Nov-15 00:00:24

I think the new series is bl**dy hilarious but hardly anybody I know watches it. I keep recommending it (I've watched it from day one).

Myfavourite bit of series 3 so far, in a crowded field, was watching Laura light a fag with her boyfriend's burning shoe after setting fire to his clothes in a dustbin because she was fed up not having enough wardrobe space.

Any other Drifters devotees out there? I think it wipes the floor with 'Girls', which covers the same subject matter.

ANiceSliceOfCake Mon 02-Nov-15 00:02:40

I love Drifters!! Bunny doing the sofa advert!

Nettletheelf Mon 02-Nov-15 19:41:57

My husband thinks it's "too gross". This, from a man who likes The Young Ones and Bottom!

gingerboy1912 Sun 15-Nov-15 21:53:27

Have only just found drifters didn't see first series but love it, Meg and bunny are so funny. Megs coffee interview, and Bunnys sofa ad gringrin

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