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Fiderer Sun 25-Oct-15 08:17:30

Thought about mentioning Halloween Hell in the title but it's a Sunday morning and some of us may be feeling delicate enough.

Sparklingbrook Sun 25-Oct-15 08:19:59

Thanks for the new thread. smile

Fiderer Sun 25-Oct-15 08:22:38

What was that at the end of the last thread about 'someone having a word' and the judges answering Tess'eses questions?

I try to gloss over (gin helps) her comments/questions.

TheDrsDocMartens Sun 25-Oct-15 08:22:46

So Jay passes the half my age plus 7 if I don't have my birthday in a few weeks.
Realised dh & I only just passed that when we first met and are a few years out now.

MrsJayy Sun 25-Oct-15 08:26:35

Just shimming in to mark my place, did bruno swear ? We fast forwaded a lot of it

Sparklingbrook Sun 25-Oct-15 08:28:23

Yes he said 'bulls bollocks' shock

Fiderer Sun 25-Oct-15 08:33:35

Bull's bollocks aside (er, you know) what's up with Bruno this series? He's overdoing the stand up and gesticulate wildly and go OTT with the comments as ever - but he seems waspish and it's strange.

Sparklingbrook Sun 25-Oct-15 08:35:43

Is Bruno also doing DWTS? So flying back and forth to the states in the week? Wondered if he was exhausted and drinking lots of Red Bull or something?

CocktailQueen Sun 25-Oct-15 08:38:49

Yes, Bruno is nasty this season and it's not like him. Even Craig told him he was nasty last night!

DansonslaCapucine Sun 25-Oct-15 08:39:13

Bull's bollocks was the least offensive thing bruno said last night.

Fiderer - that was me about the judges answering Tess's questions. Usually, she'll say something like 'Do you think that dance has saved them Darcey?' And she'll go in straight with 'The thing I like about you two ...' totally ignoring Tess's question. They all did/do it.

Last night they responded to a few though.

MrsJayy Sun 25-Oct-15 08:39:38

Yeah he had ramped it up even craig said he was being mean. Btw gesticulate is an amzing word.

OverScentedFanjo Sun 25-Oct-15 08:43:19

Bruno is a knob. He waves his arms around and hopes no one realises he doesn't have a clue.

He was so nasty to Carol, Wasn't helpful about the arms. It was the first thing he said, week five is still early on, so no idea what that comment was about. Then Darcey had to explain about the breathing arms. She did it so beautifully. She is never mean and always constructive.

SoupDragon Sun 25-Oct-15 08:45:22

Craig seems to be tempering his traditional harsh comments with niceness this season.

His negative comments also seem to be constructive (except for Jeremy) and make perfect sense.

Perhaps he has switched with Bruno.

MrsJayy Sun 25-Oct-15 08:50:43

Maybe craig said Bruno daahling you do the mean this year im exhausted.

Sparklingbrook Sun 25-Oct-15 08:55:40

I can't work out what's going on on DWTS. I think Bruno's a judge and maybe Len? But Olivia Newton John has appeared on the panel. Bindi Irwin's doing well.

MrsJayy Sun 25-Oct-15 08:59:48

Is DWTS on tv ? I used to watch it somewhere but havnt seen it for a few years

Sparklingbrook Sun 25-Oct-15 09:01:07

I have been watching DWTS on the internet but only individual dances. Bindi and Derek did a Dirty dancing one that got top marks.

Lottapianos Sun 25-Oct-15 09:01:47

Yes Bruno was very rude last night and I wish he would stay in that damn chair! No need for all the hip swivelling and crazy arms.

Thought Jay's paso was fab although Darcey got v carried away about his arms

Claudia's dress was excellent - looked like a tuxedo jacket

Thought Kelly's jive was good but not the Second Coming like the judges seemed to

Fiderer Sun 25-Oct-15 09:03:58

I asked The Google about DWTS and Bruno is on and I think Len too. But I'm reluctant to go to The YouTube.

Bruno being waspish and mean takes some of the pressure off Craig to be Mr Mean which is good. I don't like the pantomime boo shite Craig does/gets.

I want to go for dinner with Craig and then see a show, a proper show. Then drinks after, he'd be charming and informative and I could wear a proper dress and pretend I can dance.

MrsJayy Sun 25-Oct-15 09:10:59

I saw craig on a programme about theatres and he was producing a show and his swearing would make a sailor blush.

ppeatfruit Sun 25-Oct-15 09:12:53

How could you tell it was ONJ sparkling? Unless she had her name badge on because the amount of plastic surgery she's had has completely changed her face grin

Agree about Bruno and Craig changing places , does anyone know if Bruno will be penalised for his Bull's bollox faux pas? But effing 'ell Jay's dance was A MA ZING I luff eem grin grin he looked beautiful too!!!!!

Agree Anita is under marked her dancing never fails.

Sparklingbrook Sun 25-Oct-15 09:14:17

I love Craig. I hope they have a whole panel of proper joodges on the tour in January. Flippin' Tom thingy and Camilla Dallerup last time. <disappointed>

ppeatfruit Sun 25-Oct-15 09:19:23

Yes I like Craig he's usually harsh but fair, not always though, JV really tries hard and sometimes dances ok grin He is a real beginner
rookie though.

MrsJayy Sun 25-Oct-15 09:20:05

I dont understand why they under mark Anita either Helen is obviously their favourite but i think they are brushing Anita under the carpet for some reason.

ppeatfruit Sun 25-Oct-15 09:24:54

I actually liked the majority of music this week, maybe they just liked her quick step music grin. I don't reckon that Helen will win though!

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