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X FACTOR- It's Judges' Houses- and it is on ****SAT/SUN**** from this week (8pm).

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Raahh Sat 24-Oct-15 12:47:23

I nearly missed this, because I thought it was still only on on Sunday. blush

And I am REALLY disappointed- because Grimmy isn't in Oldhamsad. He's in the Cotswolds. Probably a wise move.

Also, in a twistgrin, tonight's is recorded- but the result as to who goes through (finally) to the live shows is live. I think. I might have got that wrong. No idea what anyone is singing. There will probably be Whitney or J-Hud, with a smattering of Bey-Bey.

And 4th Power have changed their name to 4th Impact. Thrilled by that.

I need nibbles.

See y'all later.


theredlion Sat 24-Oct-15 15:53:33

There you are Raahh grin
Is it too early to get into my pyjamas and pour a vodka?

Raahh Sat 24-Oct-15 18:07:42

Pre-4pm is the perfect time for vodka and pjs, I thinkgrin

LineyReborn Sat 24-Oct-15 19:16:58

Oh this is the programme I try not to watch. wine

theredlion Sat 24-Oct-15 19:36:27

I knew you would understand Raahh grin
In the event I got into my pyjamas but I'm about to pour my first vodka.

Raahh Sat 24-Oct-15 19:43:21

Liney grin

I am hoping things get better this week. I'm not convinced it will, but I can hope.

squoosh Sat 24-Oct-15 19:52:04


With Kate Moss and the glitterati?


squoosh Sat 24-Oct-15 19:52:56

Yoga pants and red wine here.

<sniffs at vodka and PJs brigade>

Raahh Sat 24-Oct-15 19:58:22

squoosh- I know, gutted.

closes blinds on views of grim industrial North grin

It's not that industrial here really, but I'm nearly on the airport runway.

Grimmy's 'helper' is Mark Ronson, apparently. He hobnobs with southern types and Bruno Mars. He probably doesn't realise there is a 'North' sadgrin

AnchorDownDeepBreath Sat 24-Oct-15 19:59:26

Okay, I'm ready. Hedgehog is poorly tonight and I'm in a proper grump for no real reason, but I'll try and reign it in!

theredlion Sat 24-Oct-15 19:59:33

I wouldn't sniff at my pjs if I were you squoosh hmm
Show us the Christmas jumper again. Please grin

Raahh Sat 24-Oct-15 20:00:19

I have mis-matched pjs and cider.

I wish I had vodka. sad

squoosh Sat 24-Oct-15 20:01:16

two and a half hours!


theredlion Sat 24-Oct-15 20:01:33

Nearly on the airport runway Raahh?
That's convenient.

What's wrong with the hedgehog Anchor?
What do you do with an ailing hedgehog?

theredlion Sat 24-Oct-15 20:02:12

Pop round Raahh I've got loads of voddy.

Raahh Sat 24-Oct-15 20:02:48

Oh- this is different- this bit is live I take it- but the actual recorded bit isn't live, Caroline.

theredlion Sat 24-Oct-15 20:02:58

Olly in a roll neck.
Is anyone else old enough to remember Val Doonican?

TheFairyCaravan Sat 24-Oct-15 20:03:21

<skids in>

Evening everyone. I'm hoping I can watch this in peace and quiet tonight, last Sunday I was getting updates from DS2 in A&E because he broke his arm in 2 places playing football at uni!

Slugonthewindow Sat 24-Oct-15 20:03:29

Caroline - that dress!! And for the love of goodness woman, where is your bra??

TheFairyCaravan Sat 24-Oct-15 20:03:57

Me, thered!

BitOfFun Sat 24-Oct-15 20:04:05

That dress does nothing for Carolyn. At least she's washed her hair and got out of last year's godawful denim shorts.

Raahh Sat 24-Oct-15 20:05:02

I used to work at the airport, so it is very useful.

Sadly it is many years since I have used the place as a passenger. sad

This is a bit like the Strictly results where they are pretending Sunday is 'live'.

Simon Lynch?? Do i remember him?

Boooo! To Mason.

TheFairyCaravan Sat 24-Oct-15 20:05:10

I'm pissed that Mason twat is back!

squoosh Sat 24-Oct-15 20:05:23

This is quaintly reminiscent of the old school Pop Idol format.

Roussette Sat 24-Oct-15 20:05:38

What's going on? Why aren't they in far flung places and the north

I'm confuzzled

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