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iwannadancewithsomebody Sat 10-Oct-15 08:45:00

Was anyone else addicted?

I just don't know what I will do with my Wednesday nights now that season 3 has finished

ispyfispi Sat 10-Oct-15 22:06:04

How long do we have to wait, do you know?!

Clayhead Sat 10-Oct-15 22:07:57

Me! I saved loads of episodes and binged on them this week smile

StrawberrytallCake Sat 10-Oct-15 22:14:47

What??? Nooooo, I had no idea that was the end of season 3!!

Any theories on whether it was Deacon or his sister who flatlined?

iwannadancewithsomebody Sun 11-Oct-15 07:35:15

I've liked Nashville's Facebook page but as it's for America and they have just started season 4 I know if Deacon is alive or dead...... (won't spoil it for those who don't want to know)

I've been trying to search online how to watch season 4 without paying for it. I assume it won't be available until next spring here sad

ispyfispi Sun 11-Oct-15 14:11:32

I think (hope!) it was his sister!

Crazycatlady27 Mon 12-Oct-15 10:05:50

If yo find the website couchtuner you can watch Nashville season 4 online

iwannadancewithsomebody Mon 12-Oct-15 22:07:35

Oh * crazy* that could well be tomorrow evening sorted!

notquitehuman Tue 13-Oct-15 17:35:03

I read the spoilers too. Was reading reviews on the AV Club website, and then realised I'd gotten ahead of myself. Oops. Oh well, I don't mind spoilers for this kind of show as it's mostly just soapy fun.

Anyone else really gotten into country music because of this show? I'm usually strictly into indie and rock, but I've suddenly found myself downloading huge amounts of classic and new country stuff. If only the line dancing trend was still around...

laundryeverywhere Tue 13-Oct-15 17:37:49

I love this show too, it's great. No spoilers please! But I hope we get a new series soon.

ispyfispi Tue 13-Oct-15 18:20:53

Notquite, Tim McGraw is my new God grin

kansasmum Tue 13-Oct-15 18:42:16

I love Nashville!! Weds nights were great for tv- Bake off, Dr Foster and Nashville- now all finished!!
I know what the " bad news" is but won't spoil it!
I love the music and if you like it listen to The Civil Wars as they've written some of the music for the series!

Dh is in the States a lot in the next few weeks so he will few to see the new series! Lucky bugger!

iwannadancewithsomebody Tue 13-Oct-15 20:49:13

Ah, Tim McGraw! Remember he done that song with Nelly??

My dad used to listen to country and I used to hate it now I'm converted! Radio 2 on a Thursday night is good listening, bob Harris followed by Jo Wylie and then the wonderful Trevor nelson. It's official, I'm grown up hmm

kansas here's hoping something decent will be on tomorrow night

kansasmum Tue 13-Oct-15 21:03:02

I saw Tim McGraw ( and his wife Faith Hill) in concert in Kansas City 8 years ago (whilst fairly pregnant!) one of the best concerts ever, they were both just amazing!

Love his music!

ispyfispi Wed 14-Oct-15 09:28:26

So jealous Kansas! Saw him at the O2 a couple of years ago (I also was rather pregnant!) Amazing!

sillygiraffe Wed 14-Oct-15 15:20:52

I love Nashville as well and can't wait for season 4. Love all the characters, storylines and music. Totally addicted.
I too have really enjoyed the music. Not keen on the old country stuff but just loving the new stuff. I've been trying to find a compilation CD of new country artists but don't really know what I am looking for. Any ideas who I should look out for?
I want to go line dancing grin

iwannadancewithsomebody Wed 14-Oct-15 18:08:30

I think some of the cast were touring too?

Have you looked into the country top 100 in the states silly? Might get some inspiration from there?

kansasmum Wed 14-Oct-15 21:20:33

Zav Brown Band Luke Bryan, MirandaLambert, Florida State Line, The Civil Wars, Jason Aldean, Brad Paisley, Kenny Chesney are all worth a listen. It's the CMA ( country music artists) Awards next month so lots of great music there including new up and coming artists- Bob Harris covers this via Radio 2' definitely worth a listen.
There's also a big Country music gig at the O2 I think next year - C2C I think. Should be good! Tim McGraw has played at this before!

kansasmum Wed 14-Oct-15 21:21:13

ZAC Brown not Zav!

kansasmum Wed 14-Oct-15 21:23:33

Jjou Thu 15-Oct-15 13:21:11

My favourite show - have seen the first 3 episodes of season 4. Episode 4 was on last night so haven't seen it yet. I can't watch it with DH though, he derides it as soapy crap and hates country music sad

Thelilywhite Fri 16-Oct-15 20:31:22

I love it. Used to hate country music love it on this show. So much talent. Oh and hot men!!

StrawberrytallCake Sun 18-Oct-15 21:05:43

Where can I watch season 4? I just can't wait!!!

iwannadancewithsomebody Mon 19-Oct-15 06:14:55

I tried couchtuner but was a bit sceptical about downloading it and I was asked for my bank details. Think we may just have to wait until next year....

Juaneeze Tue 20-Oct-15 14:41:39

I've just started on Season 4 (thanks to the Showbox app wink)

The Nashville soundtracks usually accompany my cooking in the kitchen, I just feel sorry for the neighbours blush

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