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Great British menu - chef's hair - wtf???!

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Fluffy24 Wed 07-Oct-15 19:12:35

What is Michael O'Hare's hair about??!

moocowmrs Wed 07-Oct-15 20:31:51

Umm I know ? Not sure really have not much to add other than I ageee smile

Palomb Wed 07-Oct-15 20:32:49

I thought it was a wig!

he must be wearing it for a dare

Davros Wed 07-Oct-15 20:37:05

We were wondering earlier if it's a syrup or just very carefully arranged. We love him though and you've got to laugh at his name!!

NoonAim Wed 07-Oct-15 21:00:44

Ugh, I just imagine his food must be full of long black hairs. If he worked in food manufacturing or in a kitchen surely he would have to keep it covered?

His food looks amazing though.

Samcro Wed 07-Oct-15 22:47:21

his name makes me lol

UnGoogleable Thu 08-Oct-15 22:03:42

His hair would totally put me off. Why do some people working in catering have to wear hair nets, but Chefs are allowed to have ridiculous barnets like his, shedding all over their food?

GrouchyKiwi Thu 08-Oct-15 22:06:24

Maybe he likes it that way?

I like his pink blazer.

UnGoogleable Fri 09-Oct-15 09:32:16

He may well like it that way, that's entirely his choice. But I wouldn't be wanting to find bits of it in my food!

Chimchar Fri 09-Oct-15 09:43:17

I don't know the guys name, but it HAS to be the fella with the black mullet/70's/Noel Fielding/Wiggy type barnet?!

I saw him the other night and was just bemused!!! grin

Icapturethecastle Fri 09-Oct-15 19:41:49

Hilarious just seen him for the first time tonight! I do love that is name is O'Hare

PirateSmile Fri 09-Oct-15 19:45:46

He's brilliant. He's just won a Michelin star.

Icapturethecastle Fri 09-Oct-15 19:47:58

Just googled him he has cut it here link to mirror article in case you don't want to click grin

UnGoogleable Sat 10-Oct-15 11:40:49

Well that's a vast improvement. But I'm still puzzled as to why it's OK for Chefs to prepare food with their hair uncovered, but not OK for other people working in catering? Why the double standard?

LIZS Sun 18-Oct-15 10:50:11

Did anyone see him on Saturday Kitchen yesterday, he looked completely different!

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