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A Syrian Love Story

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EachandEveryone Mon 28-Sep-15 22:26:39

Anyone watching on BBC4?

wideboy26 Tue 29-Sep-15 19:24:54

I recorded it and will watch later. However, I saw a couple of articles about the film on Tv a few weeks ago and I heard an item on the radio about it last week, so I more or less know the story and am prepared for the sad ending. What is remarkable is that the guy who made the film (can't remember his name) began it in 2010 and couldn't have foreseen the dramatic events that were to form the backdrop to the story, which makes it so compelling. How did it leave you feeling?

EachandEveryone Tue 29-Sep-15 19:59:36

Sean McAlister is a great film maker. He's from my town. I'm saving it up to watch this weekend with disturbances.

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