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Brand new Masterchef Australia

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PotteringAlong Mon 28-Sep-15 19:35:17

Starting now on watch!

GozerTheGozerian Mon 28-Sep-15 19:42:57


It feels like putting on an old and comfy pair of slippers again. I've missed Gary, George and Matt.

God I love this programme!

Sunnymeg Mon 28-Sep-15 19:43:23

Yes happy dance wink

PotteringAlong Mon 28-Sep-15 19:46:12

So do I! I've just come across it completely by accident and can now know that my evenings are planned for the next 4 months or so grin

GozerTheGozerian Mon 28-Sep-15 19:49:10

It just reminds me of autumn evenings. Love the fact it's on so often.

How do people find the time to practise such fancy cooking though?!

cookielove Mon 28-Sep-15 19:49:43

Ahhh glad I saw this, I have been watching them in aa random order just finished season 1 grin

LetThereBeCupcakes Mon 28-Sep-15 19:49:52

Love this show! It got me through the early days of breastfeeding.

LIZS Mon 28-Sep-15 19:51:02

Love it but it clashes with Great British Menu atm.

PotteringAlong Mon 28-Sep-15 19:51:14

My husband used to live in Australia. The Christmas Julie Goodwin won he got me her cookbook send over from Oz as you couldn't buy it in the uk. It was a fab present!

AgentCandid Mon 28-Sep-15 19:52:33

I'm so so so excited! Trying to get the baby to sleep so I can get back downstairs and watch it.

Emochild Mon 28-Sep-15 19:54:34

I'm recording it, will start watching at 8 so I can whizz through the adverts ??

GozerTheGozerian Mon 28-Sep-15 19:54:56

Cupcakes - me too. I had DS2 last October and it was a constant companion in late whale-stage pregnancy and then newborn / breastfeeding fog!!!

PotteringAlong Mon 28-Sep-15 19:55:11

Agent - me too! How dare he wake up 20 mins in! (And how I love live pause!)

Emochild Mon 28-Sep-15 19:55:13

Where did ?? Come from?

Allice Mon 28-Sep-15 19:55:30

Didn't realise it was back, thank you. Have just set it to record on +1!

AgentCandid Mon 28-Sep-15 20:13:13

Pottering - DD is only three months old so it's her first Masterchef Australia season and she doesn't seem to understand its importance. I need to watch it! It makes me feel all cosy and autumnal.

PotteringAlong Mon 28-Sep-15 21:03:27

My youngest was 1 last week - I have happy memories of feeding a snugly newborn to it! So glad it's back

Bimblepops Mon 28-Sep-15 21:07:36

Hurrah! It's been so long. So excited about watching it again, absolutely love it.

Have recorded it, just settling down to watch it now...

Bimblepops Mon 28-Sep-15 21:10:02

Ooh and I've just seen Poh in the excessively long build up to the start of the program!

AgentCandid Mon 28-Sep-15 21:10:02

My plans have been foiled so I'm going to have to watch it on catch up tomorrow. The first ten minutes looked good though!

SoMuchToBits Mon 28-Sep-15 21:12:31

Thanks for bringing this to my attention, OP! I watched all the series except for last year's (was going through splitting up with my ex H, but still living in the same house while waiting for the house sale to go through, and couldn't face it all), but lovely to watch again this year.

What did everyone think of the contestants so far? I really liked that chap who made the incredible dessert and they brought his mum in to give him the apron!

icklekid Mon 28-Sep-15 21:12:46

Love it although my dh despairs! Was ok last year when on mat leave however now will be harder to find time alone to watch. Great first episode!

DesertIslandPenguin Tue 29-Sep-15 13:25:58

We love it! Unfortunately DH is away for the next few nights (and all of next week) so I have a bit of a viewing dilemma!!

Sunnymeg Tue 29-Sep-15 21:00:53

63 degree egg man is going to be so annoying. DH has football on, so will have to watch tonight's tomorrow.

SoMuchToBits Sun 11-Oct-15 20:57:38

What does everyone think so far? Which contestants do we like? I quite like Reynold so far...

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