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prime suspect

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southeastastra Fri 18-Sep-15 21:54:06

i just watched the whole series and now am missing my nightly fix! jane tennison was fab

Nettletheelf Sun 20-Sep-15 00:55:36

What channel? I have a series link set up, on ITV4 (AKA the old police drama channel) but it never seems to be on!

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 20-Sep-15 10:02:09

PS 1 was on a couple of weeks ago (still my favourite one. People were talking about it in work the next day when it first aired. The shock of the ending)

When she had the problem with alcohol (there was one where she nearly crashed with a suspects daughter in the car) she lost the edge. I didn't think the one hour episodes gave enough time to develop the storylines.

"Crime and Retribution" was good, the earlier ones especially (the little girl and the doll one )

I'm still looking for "Between The Lines" is it on ITV4 at all?

southeastastra Sun 20-Sep-15 22:54:15

70s i think that was when she got more intersting I really wanted that side of her character to be explored

MyNameIsAlexDrake Sun 20-Sep-15 23:36:24

I was listening to Graham Norton on R2 yesterday and Lynda La Plante was on. There is a prequel being made for TV soon to be aired in 2016. Never seen any personally but will watch the new series and follow on from there.

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