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'I am Cait' on Channel E.

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stablemabel Wed 16-Sep-15 16:28:45

Having been sad enough to watch KUWTK, ahem, now and again..........

Well, what can I say? Here the questions rattling round my head (when I should probably be pondering the meaning of life instead).

1) Does Bruce/Cait think that being a woman just means being obsessed with what you are wearing, doing your make-up hair and nails?
2) Why does BruceCait need at least 2 other women to help him decide what clothes to wear and do his make- up?
3) Does BruceCait feel that now he has made the transmission he must look even better and have more attention than the women in his life?
4) Why does BruceCait feel the need to make his 'change' such a big world event and invite the likes of Boy fuckingGeorge to the party?
5) WHY am I even bothered about all this shite?

TheSpottedZebra Wed 16-Sep-15 16:31:12

I think that it is shallow drivel about an even more shallow family, but Bruce is no longer, she is Cait, and she's a she.

Not sure if you're trying to be funny, or offensive with that BruceCait business?

Madea Thu 17-Sep-15 19:27:39

It's all going to end in tears.

stablemabel Fri 18-Sep-15 15:32:24

I was trying to be funny, Zebra, I honestly don't know what people have called her on the programme, even when Chris Jenner arrived I didn't hear the mention of the name Cait, that's why I said BruceCait.I am also assuming that people who have known CaitBruce, Cait, whatever for 50 plus years will make the odd slip up. I doubt she feels offended.

I don't deliberately go out to be offensive, that's not me. It's not about the transgender business it's about the need for these people to have all the attention and the entourage ( yes and silly old me tuning in for ten mins) that I don't get. It baffles me, I get up, get dressed (myself) after choosing my clothes (myself) and put on a bit of tutty, (myself) and go about my daily business, just me to look after myself and my family. Just me. Myself. I.

Madea Sat 19-Sep-15 11:35:15

I feel you stablemabel- you and me- both!

KatharineClifton Sat 19-Sep-15 11:43:08

Who are 'these people'?

UsernameIncorrect Sat 19-Sep-15 11:50:49

And yet you're so offensive.

howtorebuild Sat 19-Sep-15 11:55:32

I gather you say Caitlyn, formerly known as Bruce, to help those who live under rocks.

mrssmith79 Sat 19-Sep-15 12:02:25

She is transitioning in a manner proportionate to her lifestyle / wealth. You're coming across as very offensive.

Parsley1234 Sat 19-Sep-15 12:06:46

I read the interview in vanity fair about her new life. Before I really respected her decision to live an authentic life now I just think she's a self obsessed shallow weak person with a massive ego. She was a terrible father to her 4 previous children by two women and not too great with her new two as I see it. It's a big fat mess she looks great but at what price to her kids

Crazypetlady Sat 19-Sep-15 15:31:10

Bruce no longer exists. It's Caitlyn. I have no problem with her transition and her living as her true self. I do have a problem with her personality. She made some comments about not getting gay marriage and I think she is neglecting her daughters.

Madea Sun 20-Sep-15 14:27:06

Bruce Jenner should have stayed in therapy a bit longer. He still has the Y Chromosome- has no idea whether he wants to date a woman or man and can't even work out if he will play golf as Bruce or Caitlyn (with an ego as big as his voice). Do I come across as offensive? - no- I think the man is offending nature. Give me strength!

Mrsjayy Mon 21-Sep-15 10:35:04

Urgh i hate this programme i recorded it started watching it self indulgent rubbish and where did all these friends spring from i watched 2 episodes,

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