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Taskmaster..last episode

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lazarusb Fri 04-Sep-15 09:44:15

We recorded this but it cut out before Greg announced the overall winner - did anyone see it and can you please tell me who it was please? Thank you :-)

DadDadDad Fri 04-Sep-15 12:05:49

By a bizarre coincidence, I watched only the smallest snippet of this series (although it looked entertaining), but I did randomly flip channels the other night to see the host announce the series winner. It was Tim Key (although totting up episode scores on the Wikipedia article, Frank Skinner comes out higher, so I'm not sure what happened there).

DadDadDad Fri 04-Sep-15 12:13:34

Whoops - something was niggling me there, so I just looked at the YouTube video, and it was Josh Widdicombe who won, not Tim. Josh's score was the same as Frank according to Wikipedia, so I'm not sure why it went to him.

AnotherDame Fri 04-Sep-15 12:14:16

Tim Key won the episode and Frank Skinner won overall smile I think they're the only two who put effort into every task.

I hope they have new people next series. Rochene never really put the effort in I thought

AnotherDame Fri 04-Sep-15 12:16:51

Ah my bad it was Josh Widdicome overall!

Need my memory tested! haha

PermetsTu Fri 04-Sep-15 12:18:08

It was definitely Josh Widdicombe. grin

PermetsTu Fri 04-Sep-15 12:19:54

I do like Roisin Conaty but I did get the feeling she didn't really know where to even start with the tasks and full on didn't bother a couple of times. Frank Skinner came across well though. Usually, I don't warm to him.

lazarusb Fri 04-Sep-15 18:09:03

Thank you all smile That has settled the stress that's been present in this house over the last few days!
I think Roisin definitely felt a bit out of it at times. It was a good series though.

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