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The Ascent of Woman on BBC2

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CaveMum Wed 02-Sep-15 21:13:49

Anyone else watching?

A 4 part documentary looking at women's role through history. The first part looks at ancient civilisations and why/how the role of women in society changed.

LineyReborn Sun 06-Sep-15 21:35:06

Yes I saw it! I thought it would be awful but it was ok. Loved the interview with Ian Hodder.

CaveMum Wed 09-Sep-15 20:59:54

Second episode about to start

LineyReborn Thu 10-Sep-15 07:17:39

I'll have to watch it on catch-up. Did you enjoy it?

CaveMum Thu 10-Sep-15 07:50:29

I did. It focussed on women in the East - predominantly Vietnam, China and Japan. Interestingly the Chinese principal of Yin and Yang used to be that the two opposites were equal, including male and female, but it was reinterpreted by influential male scholars to make the male more dominant. What a surprise!

LineyReborn Thu 10-Sep-15 08:37:27

I'll try and watch it tonight. Sounds interesting.

Does she jump around with / fast-forward her timeline in this one too, to enhance her narrative? It was the main issue I had with episode 1, which I did enjoy watching though.

rogueantimatter Thu 10-Sep-15 14:44:57

Loving this programme. Makes a change to have some herstory instead of the usual history.....

CaveMum Thu 10-Sep-15 18:04:22

She did jump around a bit but I didnt think it detracted from the programme. I was a bit hmm when she got emotional over an ink well, but I can understand her reasoning behind it.

LineyReborn Fri 11-Sep-15 16:24:32

Still haven't watched it yet ... but I will!

deadwitchproject Mon 14-Sep-15 18:54:27

I really enjoyed it. Have a good friend who is Assyrian who watched it too, was very shocked to learn of the ancient "rules". Looking forward to part 3.

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