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Tom Jones is not on The Voice again and I am not watching it again!!!

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bluebell345 Sat 15-Aug-15 17:44:00

What a mistake they made. He is a legend and he is irreplaceable.

thatstoast Sat 15-Aug-15 17:49:25

Agreed! He's met elvis, you know.

WixingMords Sat 15-Aug-15 17:54:05

Who are the judges then?

I'd agree it's a mistake!!

Makingchanges Sat 15-Aug-15 17:55:07

Judges are, Ricky Wilson, Boy George and Paloma Faith. Big mistake

GirlsonFilm Sat 15-Aug-15 17:57:29

Boy George. ....big mistake. ...infact huge mistake.

WixingMords Sat 15-Aug-15 18:58:26 - great
Paloma Faith - I think will be great
Ricky Wilson - nope
boy George - very nope

23jumpstreet Sat 15-Aug-15 19:00:02

It won't be the same without sir tom he made the show

Shakey1500 Sat 15-Aug-15 19:29:11

I like Boy George and think he'll be great smile

My sister met Paloma Faith last week shock

Adore Will.I.Am

Ricky, hmm, not to sure about him. Just...something about him I'm not keen on.

Ref Tom Jones, indeed he is an absolute legend. But, surely he knew before 24hrs confused?

So, what you up to tomorrow Tom?
Well, I'm supposed to be doing The Voice
Ah ok, where you got to be then?
Don't know.
What time?
Errr not sure?
They sending a car for you as per?
You signed a contract though?
Well, now you come to mention it...
And you haven't thought to check any details till NOW??
Well, you see, I've met Elvis, so naturally assumed..
You bloody idiot.

bluebell345 Sun 16-Aug-15 18:32:26

he is a national treasure. they should let him go on as much as possible he could do. he was very different than others with very good knowledge of music. who could be more suitable judge than him for such program, I don't understand. with this program we had the chance to see him and listen to his perfect singing. he will be missed a lot.

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