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Any Cedar Cove fans out there

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alldaysleeper Mon 10-Aug-15 22:52:29

Ok, I know its a bit of fluff and different from the books etc etc but I just love this series. Sometimes we all need a bit of TV where we can switch off and not think too hard about it.
Love the characters, scenery etc, story lines quite predictable but perfect for Sunday afternoon after the roast smile
Just wish I could find out if series 3 is going to be shown on UK tv, they left us with several cliffhangers!!

RJnomore Mon 10-Aug-15 22:54:15

Yes. I really watch it for the beautiful scenery. It's nice light non tsxing TV too I really enjoy it.

sillygiraffe Sat 15-Aug-15 13:03:58

Yes I love cedar cove. Its so gentle and lovely. I want to live there smile

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