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Kate and Mim Mim--make believe or multiple personality disorder

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kfrizzed Sun 09-Aug-15 08:37:24

Am I the only one who thinks Kate of Kate and Mim Mim has multiple personality disorder? She's an only child and whenever her parents walk away she goes to "Mimaloo" where not only does her toy bunny come to life, but there are a variety of other characters. And these characters always run into some sort of problem related to what Kate is doing in real life. And often one of the other characters, not Kate, will be the one with the main issue, e.g. refusing help from others when Kate just refused her mum's help. So she's projecting her behaviour onto this made up character and then can see why it's wrong.
And her parents never seem bothered when she says she learned her lesson from a whole group of animals/ characters they've never seen. But the only actual toy is Mim Mim. Where did the others come from?!

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