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Series for teen?

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rollonthesummer Mon 03-Aug-15 23:05:23

My DD (14 and 15) have watched Friends, Buffy, Big Bang theory and Modern Family as well as Red Dwarf, Blackadder and Fawlty Towers! Can anyone recommend any good box sets they could try?

MoreCrackThanHarlem Mon 03-Aug-15 23:10:16

Dd (14) has watched Grey's Anatomy, Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em (and still watches now, in absolute stitches!), My So Called Life, and Absolutely Fabulous.

notquitehuman Wed 05-Aug-15 11:00:09

Gilmore Girls or One Tree Hill? Both series that are made for teens but can be secretly enjoyed by mums!

Floralnomad Wed 05-Aug-15 11:02:43

IT crowd , Father Ted , My name is Earl , the thin Blue Line ,Brittas Empire

Cocolepew Wed 05-Aug-15 11:04:00

DD loves Firefly and Supernatural (its a bit gory)

Sammy3 Sun 09-Aug-15 03:57:19

Degrassi (long running Canadian series about a high school), Skins (it's a 15 rating though), Outnumbered, 90210, Gossip Girls

wishingchair Sun 09-Aug-15 04:08:46

Pretty Little Liars

SavoyCabbage Sun 09-Aug-15 04:25:22


Fairylea Sun 09-Aug-15 05:55:20

My dd is absolutely obsessed with vampire diaries, the originals, and pretty little liars. The originals and vampire diaries are a 15 I think but she's a year 8 (aged 12) and I've watched them with her and they're pretty tame really.

rollonthesummer Sun 09-Aug-15 10:37:43

Thank you for the recommendations! I will investigate some of those.

Is Degrassi the same as Degrassi Junior High??

PolkadotsAndMoonbeams Sun 09-Aug-15 10:42:23

Outnumbered. Glee and maybe Once Upon a Time.

derektheladyhamster Sun 09-Aug-15 10:43:57

The Goldburgs was enjoyed by my teens me

wishingchair Sun 09-Aug-15 18:23:02

Definitely Glee.

wishingchair Sun 09-Aug-15 18:23:35

And yes once upon a time! Mine are watching that right now!

pinkje Sun 09-Aug-15 20:46:23

Switched at Birth - DD watching that on Amazon prime

wishingchair Mon 10-Aug-15 07:29:01

And I'd add Count Arthur Strong, Not Going Out and Gavin & Stacey (bit risqué in parts but think 14 and 16 are fine!!)

WalfordEast Mon 10-Aug-15 16:15:13

Gossip girl? The OC? Depends if that is their type of thing though. I have fond memories of watching The OC in my teens.

TheFirstOfHerName Mon 10-Aug-15 16:19:16

DS1 (15) is currently enjoying Once Upon a Time and Friends.
Before that it was Gilmore Girls and Gavin & Stacey.
Before that it was Red Dwarf and Blackadder.
He also loved Waterloo Road.

desperatehousewife21 Tue 11-Aug-15 07:19:36

Already been said but want to second One Tree Hill and Pretty Little Liars. Both perfect for teens I've watched both, still watching PLL now and I'm 25!

Bunbaker Tue 11-Aug-15 07:26:38

DD (15) and her friends are wading through Supernatural this holiday. DD is addicted to it. It reminds me of the X Files.

onadifferentplanet Tue 11-Aug-15 07:35:50

My Ds' loved Hustle

Twirlypoos Tue 11-Aug-15 07:45:35

Mines watching Chuck on netflix atm

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