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Anyone watching how to get a council house on channel 4?

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cleoteacher Mon 06-Jul-15 21:35:59

Is this a repeat or another new series ? I remember this sort of programme being on before.

Can't believe Emma. How entitled is she? People are on the streets and she's refusing a flat because it's too high up and not a great place to live. Surely with four kids anything is better than the streets!

She says she wants to get what she deserves. But it's not explained why she's unemployed. Surely you wouldn't risk yourself and four kids on the streets for a dog either.

Fairylea Mon 06-Jul-15 21:38:56

I haven't been watching it that closely, just on in the background, but she did say one of her children has global development delay (as does my own son) so that in itself may entitle her to dla and carers allowance so that may explain why she doesn't or cannot work.

I think these programmes are so inflammatory.

WellErrr Mon 06-Jul-15 21:39:08

I literally want to shout at the screen.

I really hope the older man gets housed.

mollyonthemove Mon 06-Jul-15 21:39:48

Was waiting for a thread. Yes she is irritating me no end!

gamerchick Mon 06-Jul-15 21:40:34

The propaganda has started.

Social housing is under the spotlight now.

gamerchick Mon 06-Jul-15 21:41:26

In fact it started a while ago, it'll be ramped up because Osborne has plans.

WaltJunior Mon 06-Jul-15 21:41:47

Oh it is so sad I haven't seen yet why that older guy is homeless?? I wonder if his children will see this? Goes to show that none of us are far away from it. Heartbreaking

Ubik1 Mon 06-Jul-15 21:43:38

I fe

cleoteacher Mon 06-Jul-15 21:44:04

Yes taking it with a pinch of salt. I am sure it is cut to make it inflammatory. But find it interesting how the system works and misconceptions myself and people have.

Emma's son does have global delay but she said he goes to school and that's why she needs to stay in the local area because of the support he gets, fair enough.

But why then can't she work?

Ubik1 Mon 06-Jul-15 21:44:30


I felt terrible for that older man. He only needs a room somewhere. sad

mollyonthemove Mon 06-Jul-15 21:45:53

I think that, apart from Emma, it's actually OK! they are showing the reality of the amount of houses and the truth about immigrants - the foul mouthed idiot at the beginning was shown to be talking rubbish by the housing officer.

FrChewieLouie Mon 06-Jul-15 21:45:56

It's the situation of the 61 year old guy living on the streets that's shocked and upset me. How can he be a low priority? Another winter like that could kill him.

The aggressive racist guy was shock too.

usualsuspect333 Mon 06-Jul-15 21:47:26

Why do people watch this bollocks?

TheFirstOfHerName Mon 06-Jul-15 21:48:04

I realise it might be heavily edited, but the man with the anti-immigration viewpoint came across as so unpleasant and aggressive that I don't think editing can be solely to blame.

Ubik1 Mon 06-Jul-15 21:48:13

I thought at least they would have a hostel - although that sort of accomodation has risks too.

I've got sympathy for that mother of four - I wouldn't want to raise my kids there. The quality of accommodation is appalling.

cleoteacher Mon 06-Jul-15 21:50:00

Hope they find the older man somewhere. Scary, 18 months ago he lived in a 3 bed semi with his family. Amazing how quick your life can turn around.

maybetomorrow22 Mon 06-Jul-15 21:50:31

I was wondering if this would pop up too...

Did that guy actually spit at/towards the Asian couple??

What annoys me is that some people are disillusioned as to what they want rather than what they need. Social housing is based on your needs rather than what you would like.

ICantDecideOnAUsername Mon 06-Jul-15 21:50:46

I don't understand, I'm sure they said that Emma and co were being evicted so their landlord could sell, so she must be privately renting, why can't she get another private rent?

Oh and that scummy couple giving the sob story - clean your effing house!! It's not hard!

WaltJunior Mon 06-Jul-15 21:52:10

The couple with the dirty house are they crazy? It's someone else's house of course you need to f-ing clean it! Jesus that makes me angry
What will happen to my kids will they die of hypothermia? No just clean the house and you won't get evicted?!??

scarletforya Mon 06-Jul-15 21:52:25

I'm not surprised Emma is refusing that dump, cat shit and fleas. Yuk.

That little junkie couple are whining brats.

The red beardy guy is attractive in a Viking sort of way. Mmm

AyeAmarok Mon 06-Jul-15 21:55:25

Oh for fuck sake there's no helping some people. Clean your fucking house you dirty cretins! You're home all day. Sponge, fairy liquid and warm water, then just SCRUB! FFS.

cleoteacher Mon 06-Jul-15 21:56:45

Yes. They can't expect Emma to live in that place. Hope they do it up for her first.

I think the programme is ok too. Gives an insight into how things work and the reality of the situation for people.

Thought the polish guy was sweet how excited he was to have his McDonald's uniform. He seems like he genuinely wants to make a better life for himself but I can see why he isn't eligible for the waiting list.

ICantDecideOnAUsername Mon 06-Jul-15 21:57:51

Oo, Gordon's got a home smile good for him.

scarletforya Mon 06-Jul-15 21:58:07

I think he's Romanian rather than Polish.

Ooh thank God, the old guy got a flat!

thornrose Mon 06-Jul-15 21:58:49

I can't believe people choose to watch this crap and not see if for the inflammatory, goady, propaganda that it is. confused

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