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Quantum Leap makes the jump to CBeebies

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VeraStanhope Fri 26-Jun-15 21:59:16

Does anyone remember Quantum Leap? Someone who watches CBeebies does. They have added the theme tune to the CBeebies programme titles of Rebecca and Sid's 'Let's Play' and the result is this.......

Hassled Fri 26-Jun-15 22:01:31

Where's Scott Bakula? I'm almost positive he's a CBeebies sort of chap.

southeastastra Fri 26-Jun-15 22:08:29

god i loved that show, watching it on re-runs is total crap

he's always a cheerleader in bad lipstick

WhenMarnieWasThere Fri 26-Jun-15 22:10:08

"Oh boy!"

SerJorahsSecondChoice Sat 27-Jun-15 13:31:44

Except that time he was a chimp!

gaggiagirl Sat 27-Jun-15 13:35:16

He never made the leap home did he?

Wishful80sMontage Sat 27-Jun-15 17:48:06

Is there a better theme tune...I love Quantum leap and now I'm older I appreciate it in a whole new way seeing as Scott Bakula is a fox smile

MsInterpret Sat 27-Jun-15 22:47:39

Haha! Brilliant.

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