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Big Brother Thread 6 - IFPWBs, JCBs, Power Dave & Pups. Oh and Big Brother!

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AnneEyhtMeyer Fri 12-Jun-15 22:15:04

IFPWBs do talk about a lot of crap, don't we?

WienerDiva Fri 12-Jun-15 22:16:14

I want to be the first!

ShellyF Fri 12-Jun-15 22:16:49

We talk about intellectual things at all timesgrin

RedCrayons Fri 12-Jun-15 22:16:57


AnneEyhtMeyer Fri 12-Jun-15 22:17:30

They should have put Helen & Paul in, or Science. Or Victor.

AnneEyhtMeyer Fri 12-Jun-15 22:18:26

They may as well have put Cameron Stout in there as Helen.

Chipstick10 Fri 12-Jun-15 22:20:34

Nicki graham is a hideous monster

ShellyF Fri 12-Jun-15 22:21:03

Third actually Redgrin

WienerDiva Fri 12-Jun-15 22:21:26

Jesus, Mary AND Joseph! Her EYEBROWS ARE BEYOND AWFUL! She's become a cartoon version of herself.

SinIckAll Fri 12-Jun-15 22:21:54

I'd have liked Luke Marsden. he was him hilarious

FantasticRik Fri 12-Jun-15 22:21:58

I loved Helen and Paul - series 2??

AnneEyhtMeyer Fri 12-Jun-15 22:22:11

I can't help but love her. I know she's annoying and daft but I love her.

WienerDiva Fri 12-Jun-15 22:22:30

I like blinking I do.

Do you spell magic with a J?

RedCrayons Fri 12-Jun-15 22:22:32

envy Shelly

SinisterBunnyMonth Fri 12-Jun-15 22:22:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ShellyF Fri 12-Jun-15 22:23:06

I prefer Nicky to Helen

ShellyF Fri 12-Jun-15 22:23:59

Sorry Redsadgrin

AnneEyhtMeyer Fri 12-Jun-15 22:24:12

I love that Nikki is just interested in choosing a bed!

FantasticRik Fri 12-Jun-15 22:24:27

She's teeeeeny

SoleSource Fri 12-Jun-15 22:24:32

New shiny thread grin

I type the most crape thank you as if you needed to be reminded grin

Nikki reminds me of the Trio biscuit girl.


SinIckAll Fri 12-Jun-15 22:25:04

yes Ziggy and channel! that would have been awesome. I never saw the Nicky series. she's mental isn't she?!

Chipstick10 Fri 12-Jun-15 22:25:21

That's Harry gone then

SoleSource Fri 12-Jun-15 22:25:22

Nikki's hands are purple!!

ShellyF Fri 12-Jun-15 22:25:30

Harry will be in trouble then

AnneEyhtMeyer Fri 12-Jun-15 22:25:32

Oh I am now just imagining Helen & Paul in there. That would have been awesome. I am still gutted they spit up.

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