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Tennis thread- FRENCH OPEN- Semi finals and beyond...

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Raahh Fri 05-Jun-15 15:57:12

New thread, before the other fills up.

Allez Tsonga!

Come on Stan!

Next up, Djok and Murray. If the hail stays away!


JuanPotatoTwo Fri 05-Jun-15 16:00:45

Good work Raahh, thank you.

JuanPotatoTwo Fri 05-Jun-15 16:01:50

Oh they're booing, that's not nice.

Raahh Fri 05-Jun-15 16:06:46

Oh, hello grin

I have just posted on the old thread that I don't like on-court interviews- especially at this point in the tournament. I think they should go off together.

Raahh Fri 05-Jun-15 16:08:04

The booing is rude. But they have been like that all tournament- more so this year, I've noticed. Or maybe I've just seen more matches including French players?

Raahh Fri 05-Jun-15 16:13:54


JuanPotatoTwo Fri 05-Jun-15 16:17:11

I remember the French crowd as being loud but I don't remember out and out booing before? Boris seems to have aged a lot recently.

Raahh Fri 05-Jun-15 16:17:32

I must admit, it's an odd feeling knowing I can go off and make dinner, and I won't miss anything - because I don't really care who wins.

But i think it will be Djok.

JuanPotatoTwo Fri 05-Jun-15 16:18:08

Who was the poster on one of the old threads who loved Boris?

JuanPotatoTwo Fri 05-Jun-15 16:19:48

Ha! Andy handing it to Petchey - "Yes, I think the number one player in the world tends to be the best player" grin

Raahh Fri 05-Jun-15 16:21:02

I got bored listening to him grin

Raahh Fri 05-Jun-15 16:21:45

Was it Seizethenight? Think she name changed to something else? Yes, she liked Boris.

Raahh Fri 05-Jun-15 16:24:42

Djok wearing the bright orange. He will be like the invisible man in the bright light. grin

JuanPotatoTwo Fri 05-Jun-15 16:25:08

Is she still with us I wonder. Maybe seeing Boris will lure her out. I must say, I won't fight her for him, he's all hers!

Here we go then. I'm all for Djok.

JuanPotatoTwo Fri 05-Jun-15 16:29:25

Sheesh. This could be a long match.

Raahh Fri 05-Jun-15 16:39:36

Are they really going to blame his back if he loses? hmm

GrouchyKiwi Fri 05-Jun-15 16:40:00

Thanks for new thread! grin

This is shaping up to be a long match. They're both great returners. Have to say I missed the long rallies in the Jo-Stan match.

The booing is bad. It seems to be creeping in to all sport. You'll know it's a lost cause if it ever happens in a cricket test.

JuanPotatoTwo Fri 05-Jun-15 16:40:35

Jelena looks lovely. She always does I think.

Raahh Fri 05-Jun-15 16:41:08

I'm for Djok too. Have never supported Murray, and I am not starting now.

(Well, I might have supported him as a team when he won the medal with laura at the Olympics).


Raahh Fri 05-Jun-15 16:44:29

Grouchy grin Can you imagine it at the cricket- there would be uproar.

Mind you, I'm not sure Wimbledon will put up with it.

Oh, and now we have the camera...

Raahh Fri 05-Jun-15 16:45:40

I want to see baby Stefan!

Raahh Fri 05-Jun-15 16:46:09

The camera doesn't bother ANYONE ELSE. Get over it.

GrouchyKiwi Fri 05-Jun-15 16:51:57

I took an Austrian friend to a NZvOz one-dayer when I was at school. They had to suspend play for 15 minutes because the crowd rioted (burning sofas etc) after one of our players was given out on a no-ball. There were also many chants of "Brett Let's a wanker" (fair enough). Had to convince my friend that cricket was usually a charming sport. grin

Would never have happened in a test match, though.

I'm supporting Murray. Always have, always will. Novak is my least favourite of the top 4.

CremeEggThief Fri 05-Jun-15 16:52:48

I'd like to see Murray win, but I don't believe it will happen. He should still be proud of his form on the clay this year. I think Stan will push Djokovic to 4 in the final and I also think Djokovic is very likely to complete the grand slam this year. He is playing better than ever sad.

GrouchyKiwi Fri 05-Jun-15 16:53:10

Brett Lee, of course. I hate autocorrect.

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