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Game of Thrones Predictions/Theories (contains book and TV spoilers!)

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I haven't seen a thread where we can freely talk about predictions or theories for the TV show taking evidence from the books. Some don't want any information out of the books (as noticed on the other thread which is strictly about predicting who else will die this series) so I thought I'd start one here. This can also be discussion about things that have happened in the books that haven't happened in the TV (they may NOT happen because characters have been written out...etc.)

My favourite ever theory, and one I hope we see come to pass (in the TV show AND books), is that The Hound has survived and is the gravedigger Brienne sees at The Quiet Isle. It will be interesting if this happens in the same way on the show because Brienne had the epic fight with him that "killed" him.

I also am hoping the Mother's Mercy title for Episode 10 of the current series is a secret/surprise reference to Lady Stoneheart coming back. I'm not sure about this one though, as there are a lot of people on other sites saying they have definitely confirmed she won't be part of the TV show. There IS a fan theory that she will show up in the last episode and kill Ramsay for Sansa and to start her revenge on the Frey/Bolton betrayal from The Red Wedding.

Thoughts? Any other things from the books you hope to see on TV? Any characters do you think they've written out but are merging with others? What about the End-game? Is it all just one big chess game for Littlefinger and Varys?? Discuss!

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