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There is tragic news. Harry Shearer has quit The Simpsons

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Hassled Thu 14-May-15 15:28:00

Goodbye, Mr Burns, Ned Flanders, Wayland Smithers, Reverend Lovejoy, Principal Skinner, Lenny, Otto and almost certainly hundreds more. How are they going to manage this? Guardian says they will recast - but it will have to be someone who can do a damn good impersonation of Harry Shearer doing Burns etc. I am distraught, I tell you.

Sparklingbrook Thu 14-May-15 15:29:43

Are they still making The Simpsons? shock I thought it was old hat. blush

Hassled Thu 14-May-15 15:55:13

They are - definitely patchy these days though. This is probably the moment to stop.

Sparklingbrook Thu 14-May-15 15:58:08

I haven't seen any recently, I think it might be time. i wonder who their audience is? My teens (13 and 15) don't watch anymore.

UnspecialSnowflake Thu 14-May-15 15:59:36

Funnily enough I was talking to DD about this yesterday, saying that if any of the main cast either left or died they'd probably end the show.

I think it's time they ended it, Bart and Lisa should be in their late thirties by now if time passed normally in Springfield. I've always been a fan but it can't go on forever and the quality has been dropping for a few years now.

OnlyLovers Thu 14-May-15 16:32:30


I haven't actually watched it for years, but he is a legend.

I think they ought to end it.

maudpringles Thu 14-May-15 16:54:58

We . are . sad . and . shocked

Excellent ;-)

Mrsjayy Thu 14-May-15 17:25:21

The last few series have been weird they should release the hounds grin its probably going to end

SaskiaRembrandtWasFramed Thu 14-May-15 17:34:37

No more Ned? But what will happen to Rod and Tod?!

Hassled Thu 14-May-15 18:38:30

Poor Rod and Tod. They've already lost the sainted Maud - damn that T-Shirt cannon.

SaskiaRembrandtWasFramed Thu 14-May-15 19:04:00

It makes me feel like this.

avocadotoast Thu 14-May-15 19:08:14

I still watch it every day (and have done since I was a kid - I'm 27 now blush) but I'm really not that fussed for newer episodes (although I do think it has picked back up again the past series).

Problem is that Harry Shearer does that many voices (and not small characters either) it'll surely be impossible to recast them all. I think they would be wise to call it a day.

meglet Thu 14-May-15 19:12:48

sad we watch the repeats on ch4.

ds looks at me like hmm when I laugh before they've said the joke.

MokunMokun Thu 14-May-15 19:14:39

The Simpsons voice actors earn crazy money. I'm not surprised by this. They could probably pay for 20 no-name voice actors for a tenth of the cost.

BitterChocolate Thu 14-May-15 19:19:04

Is he retiring or is he just leaving to do something more interesting? In the interviews I've heard he seemed to be a very funny man in his own right, so perhaps he'll do something that I'll enjoy more than the Simpsons.

MrsSheRa Thu 14-May-15 19:23:00

Oh man, really sad

We have watched the more recent episodes and they aren't a patch on the earlier seasons.

It'll be so weird if they end it, and sort of sad. ..

Harry Shearer is a very funny man, agreed smile

Hassled Thu 14-May-15 20:35:34

The more I think about it the more I think they can't carry on. There are just too many characters involved - they could lose Hank Azaria more easily in terms of fewer people to replace.

Mrsjayy Thu 14-May-15 21:19:39

I have a weird crush on Hank Azaria blush anyway we were talking about this over dinner Harry sherar is half the characters they would need to kill some of them off

Hassled Thu 14-May-15 21:53:18

A crush on Hank Azaria is not weird at all. It's completely reasonable.

stareatthetvscreen Thu 14-May-15 21:56:38

contractual reasons though? i reckon they'll pay up ;)

RightSideOfWrong Thu 14-May-15 21:59:10

They've commissioned two new series. They are already making them using old recordings of Shearer.

Shearer is leaving because the new contracts prohibit them from working on other programs, and that's never been a clause before. The producers won't back down. So, he's leaving.

I expect they'll use old recordings rather than kill off the characters but they may use his back up (I believe there's one from a few series' ago?) or kill off some of his characters.

stareatthetvscreen Thu 14-May-15 22:30:59

ah ok smile

he'll be missed

velouria Thu 14-May-15 22:43:21

Tbh I adore the Simpsons, but wouldn't be too sad if it ended, most of the really funny stuff was a long time ago, some recent episodes are very meh, that one with moe's dishrag was a new low, must have seen the Iceland one about 50 times too, thanks sky1. I still watch it every day though, because there is feck all else on between the hours of 6-8, sad that he is leaving

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