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If you like Medium, Judging Amy or Law and order SVU can you recommend any other series?

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HelenOfToys Wed 13-May-15 13:01:33

I'm bored of watching old repeats! What could I try next?

agilevangelista Thu 14-May-15 20:34:05

castle rizzole and isles (sp?) reckless ncis ncis la

Osmiornica Fri 15-May-15 19:21:32

Body of Proof or NCIS maybe?

Bones is good.

RumAppleGinger Fri 15-May-15 19:33:10

I love SVU. Currently enjoying binge watching Lie to Me and Criminal Minds.

More up to date shows, I like Scandal and the Good Wife.

HelenOfToys Sat 16-May-15 06:31:47

I don't like NCIS (no idea why!)

I used to watch criminal minds but it just got TOO horrible <lightweight>

The Good a Wife is outstanding, I absolutely love it!
I wanted to watch Scandal but missed the first few and now I'm years behind, might see if I can get it on amazon prime.

We watch Bones already (but not while we're eating our tea!)

What is 'lie to me'?
Is body of proof the one woman from desperate housewives who does autopsies?
Never heard of castle rizzole and Isles?! I'll Google!

CheerfulYank Sat 16-May-15 06:33:40

Chicago PD!

Same creator as SVU and they do crossover episodes sometimes. smile

RumAppleGinger Sat 16-May-15 09:09:20

Lie to me is a few years old now. Tim Roth is an expert at body language. He's basically a human lie detector. It can be a bit formulaic (ala House) but it's well written. I think it might be on Netflix.

SecretSquirrels Sat 16-May-15 15:48:27

Haven't seen Judging Amy for years but I used to love it.
Rizzoli is fab and I'm furious that I have missed the first 14 episodes of series five because I didn't know it was on. A good family watch, teenage DS's both like it.
I am watching Bones from the beginning.
Body of Proof is good but has been axed (yes it is Desperate Housewives woman).
If you like The Good Wife you might like Suits (netflix). DS2 and I are hooked on it.

AmIthatHot Sat 16-May-15 16:35:42

Cold case is also good. Always has a weepy bit at the very end

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