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OMG is anyone else watching "Suits" (on Netflix)...?

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WhereIsMyCoffee Fri 01-May-15 21:42:04

... It is truly terrible!

Why do the women wear totally ridiculous and inappropriate dresses to work?
Why are the English accents so awful?
Why are the story lines so predictable and yet unbelievable at the same time?

Why do I keep watching?

Why? Why? Why?!

StampysLoveGarden Fri 01-May-15 21:43:53

I gave up on it near the end of series one. it's so predictable and so, so american. the guy is cute though, the one who faked a law degree, can't remember his name. by the end i didn't care who owned the stupid company.

SqueezyCheeseWeasel Fri 01-May-15 21:44:20

It is utter bolleaux. We started watching it after people kept recommending it but it is sooooformulaic. Shit.

Harvey is quite easy on the eye though.

StampysLoveGarden Fri 01-May-15 21:45:13

oh yes, the women's work outfits were so sexy, it was ridiculous. what would they wear out!?!?

lewis ended up being one of the best characters really. he's so mocked to begin with but I ended up feeling a bit sorry for him and finding those scenes funny.

WhereIsMyCoffee Fri 01-May-15 21:46:20

Hahaha totally agree with all those things!

It is SO American!

SingSongSlummy Fri 01-May-15 21:46:39

My main issue is that someone has told all the women to walk in an utterly ridiculous "wiggly" way - drives me completely mad!!

Zebda Fri 01-May-15 21:46:43

I don't think the dresses are particularly inappropriate, they are completely in line with what I see in my office on a daily basis (just slightly more tailored tight). I work in the City.

Love this show, the men are HOT

WhereIsMyCoffee Fri 01-May-15 21:47:41

Oh my God Harvey might be easy on the eye at first sight but he is also a self-righteous, moralistic, controlling, fucked-up narcissist who could really do with some quality therapy sessions!

Zebda Fri 01-May-15 21:48:43

Yy slummy re the walk - we don't shimmy like that at work grin

WhereIsMyCoffee Fri 01-May-15 21:49:04

Zebda I don't think the dresses are inappropriate as in too sexy/short/revealing, it's more that they are completely overdressed. They are going to the office, not the opera!

SqueezyCheeseWeasel Fri 01-May-15 21:49:12

Oh, yes. Total dickwad but I'm looking not marrying

TheMasterNotMargarita Fri 01-May-15 21:49:41

Suits is great.

Pure crappy escapism. And I love the outfits. And the eye candy. And the music.

Someone at work told me I was Donna. I will love them forever grin

aliciagardner Fri 01-May-15 21:50:41

What?!!!! It's amazing!! Season 4 on Dave right now (season finale just happened last night). You're all wrong - it's fantastic!

WhereIsMyCoffee Fri 01-May-15 21:51:41

TheMaster it is pure crappy escapism smile

Which is I guess why I am still watching it even though it is utter shit!

GrouchyKiwi Fri 01-May-15 21:55:09

I love it. Donna is indeed amazing. Harvey is gorgeous, frankly, and he becomes more compassionate.

BuildYourOwnSnowman Fri 01-May-15 21:57:49

It's awful! It is impossible to suspend that much disbelief

Scandal is another one people rave about but dh and I cringed our way through the first episode and haven't been back

GrouchyKiwi Fri 01-May-15 22:00:10

Also, I think Harvey and Mike's relationship is adorable.

And Gina Torres is also amazing.

Ooh, and Louis is great too.

hattymattie Sat 02-May-15 10:03:34

I love Suits - I think Jessica has her own style and somebody mentioned in series one or two it was inappropriate for her job but she doesn't care. Agreed the women walk like models but love the clothes.

Harvey is a bastard but probably representative and I love Lewis Litt fabulous character.

I like the fact that all the characters are flawed.

WhereIsMyCoffee Sun 03-May-15 23:46:45

Ohhh HattyMattie I do actually love all the clothes, too! At my office it's jeans&jumpers though so I would be wayyy overdressed in one of those gorgeous asymmetrical dresses!

santhem Tue 07-Nov-17 13:18:42

I often have it on as background. Only follow a few of the storylines in any one episode.

But Harvey. Is it possible for a man to be that (quietly) handsome?

I like the black woman's character who plays Managing Partner.
But the Nerd's love interest - the Legal Exec - is too annoyingly girly for me, she could be a character in a shampoo advert basically.

polyhymnia Tue 07-Nov-17 16:37:21

santhem, presumably that's a deliberate witticism on this resurrected thread and you're well aware that said paralegal is likely to become a British Duchess in near future!
As for Suits afraid it's one of my guilty pleasures with all its flaws.

santhem Tue 07-Nov-17 18:15:46

Honestly poly is that really Prince forgottenhisname's girlfriend? I really didn't know that was true. You're kidding me, right? (American style chitchat). I actually feel scared I wrote that! Or that I didn't know.

I'm only on Series 2, but its like I can pretend I'm "back in the office", without all the boring stuff (work).

Anyway back to Harvey. A cross between Tom Cruise (but not so girly) and someone a bit taller and more steely. Actually reminds me of Valentino in those old silents (showing me age) and ... just someone I want to go on a date with and ... maybe more ...

santhem Tue 07-Nov-17 18:19:59

She's very pretty really - even if its that bouncy brown-eyed doe way grin!

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