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Poldark widows - this way!

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Softcookie Mon 27-Apr-15 18:42:59

Just because we've managed to fill up a whole thread doesn't mean we're done talking about it!

So here you go, a place to hang out while we rewatch obsessively wait for season 2!

snozzlemaid Mon 27-Apr-15 18:46:23

Hello. Thanks for the new thread.
There's certainly going to be a huge hole in my life on Sunday evenings now.
Can't wait for the DVD release. Will have to have a binge watch I think.

wowfudge Mon 27-Apr-15 19:45:23

Just want to add that it's not just AT's obvious good looks that appeal - the character of Ross Poldark is so much more attractive than Francis, George, etc.

Pixel Mon 27-Apr-15 20:07:12

Last night's episode was brilliant and tragic, I've been thinking about it all day today. Poor little Julia, and you just know that if it had been the other way around it wouldn't have occurred to Elizabeth and Francis to go and make sure Ross and Demelza were ok, much less sit and nurse them back to health.
It broke my heart when Ross had to tell Demelza that Julia was gone and he was trying to change the subject so he wouldn't have to say it sad.

I am a terrible person though. I can't help wanting to laugh whenever someone says 'Putrid Throat'.

snozzlemaid Mon 27-Apr-15 20:32:26

We've been laughing at that too Pixel.
I've had a sore throat, cough and temperature for 5 or 6 days now, so I declared last night that I must have the 'putrid throat'.

hideandseekpig Mon 27-Apr-15 21:02:45

Watching it now. Really just too sad sad can't cope with this kind of thing my dd is a similar age.

hideandseekpig Mon 27-Apr-15 21:04:55

Did anyone else think the bad guy Warleggan is it looked a bit sorry for poldark? I haven't got to the bit where demelza finds out...I don't know if I can take any more.

When poldark said he didn't want her to be afraid. Sob.

MissDemelzaCarne Mon 27-Apr-15 21:06:01

I can't wait for series 2!!

theconstantvacuumer Mon 27-Apr-15 21:11:19

I don't think George Warleggan is as much of a bastard as his uncle. I thought he was genuinely sorry for Ross and Demelza's loss but Ross was unable to accept his condolences and was cruel in his remark about Matthew, which pushed Warleggan to pursue his accusation of theft/murder. Ross can never meet George halfway, he is so utterly black and white about everything. George lacks the confidence to brush off Ross's remarks and takes it all to heart. I think he actually wants to be Ross (with Elizabeth as his wife)!

theconstantvacuumer Mon 27-Apr-15 21:12:29

Thanks for starting a second thread, I could talk about Poldark for hours grin

hideandseekpig Mon 27-Apr-15 21:19:57

Oh sobbing some more. My one true love and has she come to take you? sad

hideandseekpig Mon 27-Apr-15 21:22:04

Oh and now demelza knows sad . I held her in my arms sad oh this is awful! I have to keep posting sorry I can't properly look at the TV!

theconstantvacuumer Mon 27-Apr-15 21:24:16

We need a tissue emoticon for this!

hideandseekpig Mon 27-Apr-15 21:28:42

We do! I apologise for all the sad faces but oh my goodness! And could someone not have helped demelza down from the cliff top? She's just recovered from a life threatening illness!

PunkrockerGirl Mon 27-Apr-15 21:35:30

Anyone know when the DVD will be released? I had a a snigger at putrid throat too!

snozzlemaid Mon 27-Apr-15 21:43:43

DVD is out in a couple of weeks. I can't wait to watch the whole thing again.
I thought it was a shame Demelza didn't get to hear Ross say to Elizabeth about Demelza being 'the love of his life'.

diddl Tue 28-Apr-15 09:29:03

What originally set Ross & George against each other?

When the Uncle told George that it was Julia's funeral, it seemed as if George would have gone if he'd known?

Ross was horrible about the cousin, wasn't he?

Sometimes I don't think that Ross is such a great character, just that the others are written in a way to make him so.

TheOneWiththeNicestSmile Tue 28-Apr-15 10:32:50

I don't think we know, diddl - they were at school together but I can't remember hearing that there were any incidents. It is a puzzle. (I must re read book 1)

TheOneWiththeNicestSmile Tue 28-Apr-15 10:34:24

Agree that Ross has many flaws confused but I suppose they are outweighed by his good points

VelvetGreen Tue 28-Apr-15 11:22:50

Ross is a wonderful character, just not always a very well behaved one, which is what makes him so interesting.

I watched the last one last night, and howled all the way through despite knowing the story. I've had some criticisms of the series but that episode was beautifully done. The 'have you come to take him' line really got to me, and Ross' expression on the beach was quite something. I wasn't a mother the last time i read or watched the death of Julia, and still felt haunted by it this morning - to have not been with your child in their last hours. Something in my eye again sad

The production made Cornwall look absolutely wonderful, as it should. Unlike Jamaica Inn (shudders).

squoosh Tue 28-Apr-15 14:06:02

Oh I did have a cry on Sunday night. It was seeing little Julia's arm go limp.

I was touched by George Warleggan's show of humanity too.

TheOneWiththeNicestSmile Tue 28-Apr-15 15:21:14

Thinking about Ross & George again...

Remember Sir Francis Bassett committing suicide near the start because the Warleggans had called in his debts, his mine had to close, & all his workers would be destitute?

& they've carried on in that vein throughout.

George likes & admires Ross (more than Francis) & clearly wants to be his friend, but just doesn't get how deeply Ross despises his & Uncle's ethics (lack of); & the more people they ruin, the more Ross despises him.

I think George thinks that as a member of the gentry, which George aspires to belong to, Ross should have no problem with all that. He also doesn't get how the good gentry try to look after people instead of trampling all over them.

diddl Tue 28-Apr-15 15:28:50

I'd forgotten that.

Of course Ross isn't typical of the gentry either, is he?

But I wonder if he sometimes forgets how much he is accepted, & forgiven for his name.

Most of the gentry seem unwilling to accept George no matter how rich he becomes, or how alike his ethics are to theirs, so he seems to be on a lose/lose!

Softcookie Tue 28-Apr-15 21:08:15

i'd managed to completely forgotten I'd started this thread! LOL. had a shocking couple of days.

The more I think about it the more I am convinced that what really sets Ross apart from the rest of the gentry is his experience in the war, where he had to rely on camaraderie and other men to get by, and also the fact that when he came back home he found everything in ruins and literally had to pull himself back by his bootstraps. If I'm not mistaken all he gets from his uncle is a horse, and some money to go back to London. But no one in his family or milieu did so much as check in on his decaying house while he was gone. So I'd be pretty damn pissed off, quite apart from Elizabeth marrying Francis.

I think theres definitely an element of envy in George Warleggan's relationship to Ross. Ross shows utter contempt for everything George aspires to, and yet he is seen by all as a gentleman - eccentric, unreliable, but still - a peer. Whereas George is tolerated at best.

I too cannot stop thinking about this last episode btw. I thought the tenderness that Ross showed towards Demelza was simply gorgeous, and very well juxtaposed agains the violence and chaos he unleashed around him on the beach. He craved the fire and carnage to avenge Julia's death, but at the same time he was able to provide the solace and love his wife needed at this awful time. my heart broke when she said "Has she come to take you away" but am also glad Ross got to see that deep insecurity, at times he'd been very insensitive of her feelings.

Softcookie Tue 28-Apr-15 21:09:14

I would also like to state again, for the record, that Aidan Turner is a fine, fine looking man.

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