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Jonathan Strange anticipation thread

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lucysnowe Mon 27-Apr-15 13:06:53

Thought I would start one as have just watched the full trailer here. Am so very exciting now!! Anyone else??

Thisissomething Mon 27-Apr-15 13:18:09

Thanks for that! I have been waiting patiently for it to start.

lucysnowe Mon 27-Apr-15 14:42:58

Me too! This summer apparently...

theconstantvacuumer Mon 27-Apr-15 21:23:17

Just watched the trailer on Iplayer and am very annoyed to find out that I've been pronouncing Norrell wrong for years. I thought it was Norr-ell (rhymes with Bell).

TheoriginalLEM Mon 27-Apr-15 21:26:58

OMG they have made a series - this is one of my favourite ever books!! Please tell me its on a free channel

lampshady Mon 27-Apr-15 21:29:26

Might dust off my copy. Loved it. Wanted a tattoo of one if the illustrations until the artist told me it'd have to cover my whole back, bum and thighs to get the detail in. And I'm fat.

TheoriginalLEM Mon 27-Apr-15 21:31:03

The constant - you are right, they are wrong! in the clip they say it your way its only the presenter that gets it wrong! Norrle my arse!

theconstantvacuumer Mon 27-Apr-15 21:52:47

Oh, good! Will have to watch the clip again.

LEM, it's BBC.

lucysnowe Tue 28-Apr-15 10:02:07

Yes I imagine it is Drawlight that says NorrELL because he that is the kind of thing he would do smile

lucysnowe Wed 06-May-15 19:39:30

New clips!

Thurlow Sat 16-May-15 18:33:31

I am SO excited, like a small child grin

But I'm also worried. Mainly because this is my favourite book ever, I've been raving about it to anyone who knows me for years. I honestly don't know whether I'm more of a snob who is worried that it will be great and everyone will love it and I'll lose having an unknown book as my favourite and look like I'm jumping on a bandwagon (blush blush), or I'm more worried it will be shite.

The clip of Strange making the horses out of the sand gave me goosebumps, that's what I want from this adaptation.

Casting wise it's looking awesome too. Strange isn't how I imagined him but I get the impression that he's going to get the character right. Everyone else looks amazing, especially Mr Norrell (Eddie Marsan is always amazing) and Marc Warren.

Oh, oh and (trying not to give spoilers to anyone who hasn't read it) did anyone notice that scene at the end of the trailer with Marc Warren and all the ravens - do you know the scene in the book I mean? The first time I read that chapter I nearly broke the page turning over so quickly, when he ^^ does that thing it was such an incredible cliffhanger, I had no idea what had happened.

I'll try and put the geek in me away now but... squee....

Thurlow Sat 16-May-15 18:39:28

Has anyone seen the Den of Geek review?

Tiredemma Sat 16-May-15 18:41:49

I cant WAIT for this. Loved the book.

PolkadotsAndMoonbeams Sat 16-May-15 20:34:49

Marking place smile

Alchemist Sat 16-May-15 20:43:06

I read it approx. 10 years ago and can barely remember it but am looking forward to seeing this.

I remember really enjoying most of it but getting bored of the pages of fighting.

The trailers look amazing!

lucysnowe Sun 17-May-15 12:10:17

I think I saw a longer trailer after HIGNFY on Fri. Looks good :-)

Igneococcus Sun 17-May-15 17:29:02

Oh good, a thread already.
dp, dd and I are counting down the hours.

GrouchyKiwi Sun 17-May-15 17:34:25

The trailer looks amazing. Definitely gave me goosebumps.

RitaCrudgington Sun 17-May-15 17:50:11

Like a lot of S&N fans of my age I was horribly scarred by the Gormenghast debacle, but Ben (Rivers of London) Aaronovitch has seen this and says it's great and I trust his judgement so am somewhat reassured.

(the same company has bought the rights to the Peter Grant novels, so if this is hugely popular then the plan is that the BBC will say "Gosh, that was hugely popular, do you have any more fantasy twists on standard genres that you can sell us?" and they'll say "Funny you should ask that")

190 minutes to go....

DorisLessingsCat Sun 17-May-15 17:55:27

I've met the director, Toby Haynes, and he was also terrified at letting the fans down. Hopefully you will all love it.

ShipwreckedAndComatose Sun 17-May-15 21:29:48

I have not read the books but am watching now. Looks good, has it been translated well?

firefly78 Sun 17-May-15 21:40:09

turned it off. dull as shit!

Thurlow Sun 17-May-15 22:03:38

Perfectly, shipwrecked, really good.

I loved it grin

Especially Childermass, he was just how I imagined.

GrouchyKiwi Sun 17-May-15 22:05:36

I think it's lovely. Casting is outstanding.

Unfortunately for drawing people in the source material is as gentle at the beginning as this was.

Liked the graphics for the York Minster scene. The Man with the Thistledown Hair is perfection.

GrouchyKiwi Sun 17-May-15 22:06:32

Oh yes, Thurlow. He's excellent.

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