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Sons of anarchy

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susiedaisy Mon 27-Apr-15 10:37:07

Anyone watching? I've started watching it on Netflix and am hooked.

BlueKarou Mon 27-Apr-15 10:55:27

I finished the final series (7) just a month or so ago. I won't say anything specific for fear of spoilers, but it's a bloody brilliant show! It will take you on an emotional rollercoaster, but it's well worth it - funny, shocking, heartbreaking.


susiedaisy Mon 27-Apr-15 13:21:28

I've just finished series four. Clays disgraced himself good and proper. And jax is torn between Tara and the club. I'm getting a bit obsessed with it all at the moment smilehmm

RufusTheReindeer Tue 28-Apr-15 23:00:45

I love a bit of a thing for Tig blush

I'm not sure what that says about me hmm

susiedaisy Tue 28-Apr-15 23:47:29

Tig??grin I remember him from the film water world with Kevin Costner he was the weirdo who wanted half an hour with the woman in return for some paperhmm

I'm on series five now. Poor Opie . sadsad

Samcro Wed 29-Apr-15 07:56:17

so glad Im not the only one who liked Tig.
one thing I have always wondered about it is.....
does that actor who plays Jax have it written in his contract that he must get naked a lot?

never realised Gemma in RL was such a talented singer and that she is married to "otto" who wrote the whole thing.

RufusTheReindeer Wed 29-Apr-15 08:18:33

Gemma is the one eye alien in Futuramana cartoon

And the wife in Married with Children

Did not know she was married to "Otto" !

scarletforya Wed 29-Apr-15 08:24:45

Brilliant show. I'm totally finished too. And yes to Tig. It's the blue eyes.

Needless to say Jax is very easy on the eye!

magicstar1 Wed 29-Apr-15 08:26:32

Jax was in Queer as Folk years naked in that too

LidlMermaid Wed 29-Apr-15 08:33:00

I've watched it all...twice. And might go back for a 3rd look.

I also have a thing for Tig. And Juice.

Yes, Gemma (Katey Sagal) is married to Otto (Kurt Sutter). Kurt Sutter was also one of the team responsible for The Shield which I can highly recommend if any SoA fans haven't already seen it. Katey Sagal and several other SoA faces pop up in that too, including Venus Van Dam (Walton Goggins) looking a little less busty.

LidlMermaid Wed 29-Apr-15 08:50:30

And Happy was a Hells Angel in real life. He was originally hired to be an advisor on the show but talked Kurt Sutter into giving him a part.

I also love Happy. I like 'em a touch psychopathic.

susiedaisy Wed 29-Apr-15 13:02:43

Well I never knew all of those bits of info. Mind you my googling of the main characters doesn't get much past Charlie hunnan blush. Good god that man is fine.

LidlMermaid Wed 29-Apr-15 13:05:58

I am a self confessed SoA geek blush

susiedaisy Wed 29-Apr-15 13:08:33

Excellent. grin

Samcro Wed 29-Apr-15 16:27:51

even ds admitted he liked it more that breaking bad!!
he is 23 before you judge me lol

Samcro Wed 29-Apr-15 16:29:18

hmmm I wonder why

susiedaisy Wed 29-Apr-15 18:28:51

I was thinking, do I like BB best or SOA. The walking dead is also right up there as well.

RufusTheReindeer Wed 29-Apr-15 20:09:40

I even love the early series he baked blush

Happy is well psycho!! He got worse as the series went on

I have to buy series 1-5...I already have 6 and 7

Might try The shield if it's got the same writer

LidlMermaid Wed 29-Apr-15 21:23:52

You can definitely see shades of SoA in The Shield. Lots of complex plot lines featuring rival gangs and cartels etc. Brilliant show, though. And it's fun spotting the characters that went on to be in SoA.

susiedaisy Wed 29-Apr-15 21:29:28

What's the shield about?

weaselwords Wed 29-Apr-15 21:46:18

We've just started watching this and are hooked. I can see its a load of twaddle really, but can't stop watching! I'm another fan of Tig too.

LidlMermaid Wed 29-Apr-15 21:51:02

The Shield is a gritty cop show set in LA...dirty cops and dodgy dealings. Great, fast paced plot with a really gripping storyline.

susiedaisy Wed 29-Apr-15 22:04:18

Thanks mermaid

Weasel are you calling SOA twaddle?shock How very dare you!!wink

suitsyousir Wed 29-Apr-15 23:59:33

I watched series 1-6 in about a month on netflix. just waiting for series 7 to come on to it (altho o already read the ending onlinesad )

Samcro Thu 30-Apr-15 12:08:48

might have to try the sheild

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