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Inside No. 9 - back on again

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HoraceCope Thu 02-Apr-15 22:14:44

- hurray grin

MsAdorabelleDearheartVonLipwig Thu 02-Apr-15 22:33:03

Oh my god. That actually made me cry. That was brilliant. If that doesn't win some tv award somewhere then there will have been a massive travesty of justice.

thenextday Thu 02-Apr-15 22:34:47

I cried too.

Jollyphonics Thu 02-Apr-15 22:37:42

I think I missed the last few seconds. DS cried 5 minutes before the end so I recorded it, and it didn't record the final credits. I saw the bit when the Mum said "It's time Christine". Was there anything else after that?

MsAdorabelleDearheartVonLipwig Thu 02-Apr-15 22:40:07

You saw her on the trolley and Reese Shearsmith talking to the policeman? That was before her mum said its time wasn't it? She said goodbye, I love you all and the. It finished.

Even dh looked a bit red round the eyes.

MsAdorabelleDearheartVonLipwig Thu 02-Apr-15 22:40:57

God I was typing that so frantically I didn't notice my fat fingers.

snozzlemaid Thu 02-Apr-15 22:41:11

I was thinking that should win awards too. It was bloody brilliant. A fantastic 30 minutes of television.

MsAdorabelleDearheartVonLipwig Thu 02-Apr-15 22:42:49

I came straight on here with the intention of starting a thread if there wasn't one already.

HoraceCope Thu 02-Apr-15 22:45:47

love Sheridan Smith, which helps

Jollyphonics Thu 02-Apr-15 22:47:04

Very clever. I just thought, the bit where she hears a man's voice on the baby monitor saying "let's get you out of here" is when Reece Shearsmith is rescuing her son from the car isn't it? I think it's one of those films in which more bits would fit into place if you watched it again, but there's no way I could put myself through that!

Jollyphonics Thu 02-Apr-15 22:48:37

I'm confused about her Dad though. If he didn't have dementia and didn't die, what was she remembering then?

maresedotes Thu 02-Apr-15 22:52:27

Oh it was brilliant and I never usually get choked up! Sheridan Smith is a fantastic actor and the writing was so good. I agree you'd have to watch it again to pick up on different aspects. Loved it.

bluebump Thu 02-Apr-15 22:53:55

That was great, very clever.

maresedotes Thu 02-Apr-15 22:57:13

Yes I was confused about her dad too. I thought the 'twist' might be that she had dementia and that's why they gave her the photo album? Must watch it again.

Jollyphonics Thu 02-Apr-15 23:00:06

I thought that too Maresedotes

BunnyCake Thu 02-Apr-15 23:10:55

I thought that too. I originally thought her first boyfriend who died had come back to haunt her when she met someone else, then wondered if the guy who walked out in front of her and caused the crash was him come back.

MsAdorabelleDearheartVonLipwig Thu 02-Apr-15 23:12:03

He probably had died but in her semiconscious state she was imagining him alive again? Possibly?

She is a bloody good actor isn't she?

MsAdorabelleDearheartVonLipwig Thu 02-Apr-15 23:12:44

Sorry that was to mares.

BunnyCake Thu 02-Apr-15 23:16:37

I think the dad had died, but when her life flashed before her it wasn't necessarily an accurate representation of time passing, but the important bits, with the important people there at the end to say goodbye.

BunnyCake Thu 02-Apr-15 23:18:21

The dad was lovely when he was speaking to her when she crying about her son starting school. sad

BunnyCake Fri 03-Apr-15 02:44:02

Inside no 9 was brilliant but bit of a mistake me watching it when I was on my own in the house as I've scared myself to death and can't sleep! I suppose the valentine card being delivered at the beginning was part of her memories getting a bit mixed up.

rumbelina Fri 03-Apr-15 07:26:12

I've taped them but I'm still terrified after the last episode of series 1 so daren't watch yet

maresedotes Fri 03-Apr-15 07:51:13

Thank you Ms and Bunny your points make sense! We need to get SS on to Mumsnet to tell her how great she is.

Jollyphonics Fri 03-Apr-15 09:13:34

I've just watched some of it again on iplayer. Last night I kept thinking that Sheridan Smith was looking a bit rough, wondered if she was a bit ill during filming, but now I realise they deliberately made her look increasingly unwell as time passed.

prankerwanker Fri 03-Apr-15 18:25:13

I bawled! sadsadsadsad

The memories were a muddled and intertwined, reality interspersing between them.

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