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Bloodline (a netflix original)

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etStykkeKage Sat 21-Mar-15 20:53:23

anybody watching it?
any good?
most made for netflix series seem good. watched the first one. Not sucked in yet. should I watch another?

debbriana Mon 23-Mar-15 13:16:21

Am trying to watch it but it's not grabbing my attention like the others. I just feel like the older brother is being bullied by everybody apart from the mother. At first I thought the police man was the good guy but now am questioning myself. I have only watched three episodes. How can they be so mean to a person.
U think that the back story will be that he is the half brother of some . You cannot treat a person like that. His is something that makes me want to cry.

etStykkeKage Mon 23-Mar-15 13:39:28

Yes the older brother seems to be the black sheep of the family and there's no real reason why, none that the viewer is aware of. This is not a spoiler because it's revealed in flash forwards (?) but I can't believe he did anything bad enough to justify what is being suggested in the flash forwards.

MissWimpyDimple Mon 23-Mar-15 14:06:51

I'm on episode three and the jury is still out.
The flash - forward has annoyed me as it really means I'm just waiting for that to happen.

MorrisZapp Tue 24-Mar-15 23:26:41

I watched first ep, really enjoyed it. Amazing production values and cast. Love the Keys setting.

Will see what unfolds.

beanlovesb Wed 25-Mar-15 23:41:48

I've just finished the series and really enjoyed it. it's a grower and gets quite tense towards the end. many layers. I would recommend sticking with it

AmazingDisgrace Thu 26-Mar-15 01:01:46

I'm on episode 5. Really enjoying it... I love Kyle Chandler from Friday Night Lights and I'm intrigued! Danny was an ass to the sister of his druggy pal though

AmazingDisgrace Thu 26-Mar-15 01:19:51

Definitely stick with it

Stearinlys Thu 26-Mar-15 07:20:43

Was Meg a twin? I couldn't figure that out, why her brother john told his son to use footage only from before 1984, or did he say after 1984?

Stearinlys Thu 26-Mar-15 07:22:00

Gonna give it just two more episodes on the advice of beanlovesb and amazingdisgrace!

CadieAgain Thu 26-Mar-15 11:58:27

Finished episode five but I might try to eke the rest out for the Easter holidays. I'm really enjoying it.

Anyone else wonder whether Danny, as the eldest, is the biological son of Robert?

I'm always humming the haunting theme tune and the time lapse photography is just stunning.

Aridane Sat 28-Mar-15 16:47:23

Wow - have binge watched the lot! Is this the only thread, or is there a fuller thread on here discussing the series?

duftlys Sat 28-Mar-15 22:44:44

not sure, I see the series advertised on here, but just this thread. So, I take it you were impressed by it as it went on?

EachandEveryone Sat 28-Mar-15 22:47:10

I'm upto the third. It's quite hard work. I loved Damages but this isn't grabbing me half as much. Amazing cast though.

Aridane Sat 28-Mar-15 23:24:04

I watched it, having not read any reviews, and found it haunting - a slow burn but sucks you in. Ben Mendelsohn (?), who plays Danny, the bad sheep of the family, is outstanding.

AmazingDisgrace Sat 28-Mar-15 23:41:00

I've just finished EP 7 Slow burn totally but so beautifully done and surely the cinematography needs an award?

AmazingDisgrace Sat 28-Mar-15 23:45:23

YY Ben Mendelsohn is amazingly good, you can't take your eyes off him. Kyle Chandler is also brilliant. I was trying to place Meg doh! She was in ER

AmazingDisgrace Wed 01-Apr-15 23:22:53

Just finished episode 11. shock shock shock shock shock

Becles Wed 01-Apr-15 23:26:20

Watched a couple of episodes, but not loving it. started watching Friday Night Lights instead and 7 episodes in.

Aridane Thu 02-Apr-15 07:17:46

I understand there will be a second series. But without Ben Mendlesohn - unless there are extended flashbacks on his earlier life outside the family - I think it will lose its appeal.

EachandEveryone Fri 03-Apr-15 17:06:28

It's hard for me to find it's appeal tbh. It's not grabbing me at all.

Vivacia Fri 03-Apr-15 17:34:26

I lasted 7 minutes.

MissWimpyDimple Fri 03-Apr-15 20:32:30

It gets a lot better. There are a few twists etc.
They have completely left it open for a second series!

DaceyMormont Sun 19-Apr-15 13:15:58

But without Ben Mendlesohn - unless there are extended flashbacks on his earlier life outside the family - I think it will lose its appeal

I sort of agree, but S1 did make good use of flashbacks so could definitely see them taking that angle in S2. And Sarah appeared as a sort of ghostly companion to Danny, to point up how haunted (hah!) he still was by what happened to her, maybe Danny could appear in that guise as a sort of embodiment of the others' guilt over what they did to him.

Ben Mendelsohn was for sure the standout, but the rest of the cast was also strong - I thought Kyle Chandler killed it in the last few episodes when it was all coming to a head. I'd still watch S2 even without BM!

Aridane Fri 26-May-17 23:23:40

Second series a bit disappointing - loses its 'heart' without Danny / Ben Mendelssohn (who was mesmerising in series 1).

I see 6 episodes of series 3 have been released - don't know if that's the full season or just half

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