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Anyone else's dcs scared by Numberjacks?

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nearlythree Fri 27-Oct-06 22:06:46

The content is right but the style seems much more suited to older children...or is it just me and mine that have a problem?

Gillian76 Fri 27-Oct-06 22:07:35

mine love it esp ds (3)

lockets Fri 27-Oct-06 22:08:33

Message withdrawn

madmarchscare Fri 27-Oct-06 22:10:14

I find it hideous. DS, almost 3, loves it.

harpsichordcarrion Fri 27-Oct-06 22:10:29

dd1 LOVES it, even when she had only seen the trailer she just went on and ON about it...
now she won't watch anything else, not even Charlie and Lola

Hattie05 Fri 27-Oct-06 22:11:04

my three year old loves it but i'm scared by it!

xena Fri 27-Oct-06 22:11:07

My children love it even DS1 who hates cbeebies with a passion!!!

nutcracker Fri 27-Oct-06 22:11:20

My 3 love it (8, 6 and 3). I think it is boring.

GeorginaA Fri 27-Oct-06 22:11:22

ds1 loves it (he's 5), ds2 freaks out and demands cuddles ("'carey, mummy") every time it's on (he's 2).

nearlythree Fri 27-Oct-06 22:15:33

Well, in our house it's dd1 (aged 4) who is terrified and dd2 (aged 2) who sits glued to it, but every now and then something comes on that frightens her. It reminds me of those daytime educational programmes for schools.

hairymclary Fri 27-Oct-06 22:17:53

oh it's funny you should say this. I go to another forum and a couple of people on there had commented about it frightening their kids too.
I just thought it was pretty boring, but then I think ds is a bit too young still to get scared by it.

very strange though

DarkAlleyBongo Fri 27-Oct-06 22:19:16

kids love it, but i was quite scared by that bloke in the big hat with the hoover on his arm. dh and i were quite perturbe when he imploded

DumbledoresGirl Fri 27-Oct-06 22:19:59

My ds3 adores Numberjacks! He is 3 years old btw. I think he likes it so much because he has recently learnt to recognise numbers up to 10 and so it is just the right educational level for him.

Lilliput Fri 27-Oct-06 22:20:47

My dd is scared of the blob thing and asks why he has an eye in his mouth.

nearlythree Fri 27-Oct-06 22:21:10

Dd1 has a real thing for numbers, she was so excited about it so it's such a shame she finds it too scarey to watch. She likes the website though!

harpsichordcarrion Fri 27-Oct-06 22:26:17

yes I think that's the same for dd1 DG, she is just learning her numbers and gets very excited because she understands it

Tatties Fri 27-Oct-06 22:29:48

My ds loves it! He keeps saying "four, four" at it - all numbers and letters are 'four' to him...

hairymclary Fri 27-Oct-06 22:29:58

i was scared of that blob thing too! and the weird man in white.
yes, it is a bit creepy actually

lockets Fri 27-Oct-06 22:41:29

Message withdrawn

Snowstorm Fri 27-Oct-06 22:46:30

DD1 (4) and DD2 (2yrs +8) love it but today DD1 was upset by 'the number catcher' ... whoever/whatever that may be ... I haven't watched it!

cbtrue Fri 27-Oct-06 22:51:30

dd aged 3 years 6 months hated number catcher and the whole numbers thing.

alismummy Sat 28-Oct-06 15:51:15

yes! ds (2.9) said 'switch that off'.

trice Sat 28-Oct-06 16:17:27

I think it is part of the new programming to bring cbeebies up to age 6 and close the gap with cbbc. ds who is 5 loves it.

Radley Sat 28-Oct-06 16:18:47

My two, 4 and 7 love it and dance round the room when it is on or advertised.

Trinityrhino Sat 28-Oct-06 16:29:10

i personally think it is a bit scary, the number taker guy in white is hideous(remind me of the child cathcher) and the head that gives them clues, weeeeeeeeeeird but my 6 yr old LOVES it

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