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What happened in last episode of Babylon?

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Sazzle41 Wed 11-Feb-15 02:10:57

I missed end of last ep due to friend in crisis and no one i know watched it?! I got to the riots escalating and PR woman swapping sides due to alarming nature of female front runners (for the top job) ideas re riot and for when she got top job.

I lurved it.... Only big feck up writer made was getting rid of James Nesbit tho, he was born for that role: and would have made the whole thing perfect instead of 90 per cent. No offence to other 2 actors fighting over his job after JM's character topped himself, they were good, but cant 'carry/lead' a drama like that at this stage in their careers. It needed a 'name' for it to get more coverage/get more series IMO (hopes Danny Boyle reads this).

Optimist1 Fri 13-Feb-15 06:02:24

It looks as though all the episodes are still available on catchup here !

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