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is Eastenders live tonight?

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MakeMeJumpIntoTheAir Mon 09-Feb-15 20:06:48

just doesn't look like it is

esiotrot2015 Mon 09-Feb-15 20:07:22

Think that's next week ?

MakeMeJumpIntoTheAir Mon 09-Feb-15 20:09:40

ohhhhhhh! yes I think you are right - i am ahead of myself grin

QueenFuri Mon 09-Feb-15 20:12:55

No live week starts next Monday, I think we find out Lucy's killer Thursday in the flashback episode then the full live episode next Friday <yes I'm a saddo>.

oneowlgirl Tue 17-Feb-15 19:21:48

Seriously - another week confused this is torturous!!

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