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Anybody watching GPs: Behind clsed doors? On Ch5, now.

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SoleSource Wed 04-Feb-15 20:36:10

I found the GP dealing with the Lady and her personality disorder unsympathetic.

Sunnymeg Wed 04-Feb-15 20:42:24

I think it is difficult as we do not know the history of the case, we are just seeing a snapshot of her problems.

sockssandalsandafork Wed 04-Feb-15 20:43:33

Really? I thought he was great with her.

SoleSource Wed 04-Feb-15 20:47:04

True but I felt he was cold towards her. The guy with the deteriorating memory sad

SoleSource Wed 04-Feb-15 20:53:45

Harold sad

Nativity3 Wed 04-Feb-15 22:35:03

I am watching on catch up now!

anothercantthinkofanothername Wed 04-Feb-15 23:00:10

Not my practice but lots of friends go there and have just watched it. Recognised quite a few faces...I thought it was a bit 'channel 5' and didn't think that many of those people were capable if giving fully informed consent to be filmed. I love a good fly on the wall documentary but just felt a bit wrong for some reason- possibly because I live nearby and saw familiar faces??

FIFIBEBE Thu 05-Feb-15 11:37:15

I too felt uncomfortable with some of this. I did think however that it gave a good insight into how frustrating life as a GP must be.

chockbic Thu 05-Feb-15 11:39:01

It must be a difficult job with fewer and fewer resources to call upon.

ggirl Thu 05-Feb-15 11:47:17

I thought the GP's were all really good, the girl with the personality disorder had a long history , we saw a mere few minutes and I thought he was sympathetic and constructive with her.

Hillingdon Thu 05-Feb-15 20:14:39

Am watching it. There is lots of support yet they seem to want the GP to resolve with no input from them. There isn't a tablet to make you stop drinking, to make you eat more fruit and veg and to stop eating junk food, I think some personal responsibility for your health is needed but some of the patients are incapable of doing this.

Honestly if a person with a drink problem is offered counselling and support and they don't turn up I don't know what the answer is.

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