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This Morning. And Mum with Eight kids

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Rivercam Mon 02-Feb-15 13:27:04

Did anyone else watch this? Basically a mum with eight kids was complaining that she may have to work due to the benefits cap, citing a relationship break-up for putting her on benefits.

However, she then let slip that she was on benefits from baby no.1, and had two more children since becoming a single mum. I have every sympathy for her regarding her relationship break-up, and it's not easy getting a job when you have young children. However, what got me was the lack,of responsibility she showed- I would have loved more kids but knew we couldn't afford them, so we stopped at two.

I felt she held it together well at the end, though. She looked quite upset, and Phil wasn't being particularly nice to her. I felt the other guest was fairly kind to her, despite not agreeing with her.

Molotov Mon 02-Feb-15 13:34:52

I didn't see it, but is it the lady with blinde hair/aged 30ish from Birmingham?

If so, I've seen on programmes/in magazines before and felt the same sense of sympathy/annoyance for her.

Molotov Mon 02-Feb-15 13:35:11

*blonde hairblush

blackheartsgirl Mon 02-Feb-15 13:38:19

They always pick the most extreme examples to stir up more hatred for benefit claiments and single parents. Of course people are going to get up in arms over a woman who has eight kids on benefits, and i also thought she was manipulated a bit and it was unfair.

I would have liked to see a normal realistic interview with someone genuinely on benefits like those who have a couple of kids whose partner buggered off or died, those on carers allowance etc but no Itv jump on the bandwagon. I also think phil was unpleasant to her, with a sort of smug serve you right tone to his voice and face

blackheartsgirl Mon 02-Feb-15 13:39:41

I do think she was a bit daft to go on the programme though, what did she expect?

BrieAndChilli Mon 02-Feb-15 13:50:12

I personally feel that benefits should be based on the amount of children you have when you start your claim. People that work don't automatically get a pay rise when they have a child. That way people on benefits would have to think about the financial implication of having more children.
It would be better than the 2 children cap as people who genuinely fall on hard times with 8 kids etc for example husband dies or something would be covered.
I hate how in discussion about this topic people always come out with 'people on benefits are just as entitled to have children' which is somewhat true but no one should have children without working out how they are going to pay for them.
The benefit system should only be there for people that need a helping hand when things go wrong, in between jobs etc.
Of course big business needs to be held accountable, stop using workfare, and zero hour contracts and pay a better living wage.

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