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CBB Thread 11 - Shall we have a whip-round to get KH a new onesie?

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AnneEyhtMeyer Sun 01-Feb-15 22:02:31

Starting to worry that very very soon these weirdos are going to be set free.

At least whilst inside we know we won't accidentally come across any of them in the street.

I'm already scared of bumping into Naggia and being told how likeable she is and that everything from wars to Ocado stopping selling Loganberry Jam is down to KH.

JoanHickson Sun 01-Feb-15 22:06:46

The stench of her onsie will match the rot coming out of her gob.

beanlovesb Sun 01-Feb-15 22:07:29

haha Joan

Only1scoop Sun 01-Feb-15 22:08:35


Haggisfish Sun 01-Feb-15 22:08:39

Brilliant Joan!

Ledkr Sun 01-Feb-15 22:09:56

She really hasn't a kind word for anyone has she? What a miserable and nasty old boot!!
I'm still amazed at Michelle not challenging her, what with her being self appointed advocate for the minority and all that jazz.

Only1scoop Sun 01-Feb-15 22:10:19

grin Love it....

It's a corker of a title

ShellyF Sun 01-Feb-15 22:10:38

Catching up

HoraceCope Sun 01-Feb-15 22:10:38

get KH a new onesie, and a new eviction outfit

Roussette Sun 01-Feb-15 22:12:31

Phew, thanks Anne, phone went in last quarter of show and as it was one of the DC's thought I better chat so missed the last bit, although I did see Perez whinging.

SoleSource Sun 01-Feb-15 22:12:45

Anne grin hahaha

you are had different adverts to us Anne!

AnneEyhtMeyer Sun 01-Feb-15 22:13:59

Oh she must be out of the PWB zone, Sole!

SoleSource Sun 01-Feb-15 22:16:34

Ooh time to readjust the map.

Joan grin

Koalafications Sun 01-Feb-15 22:19:39

Handsup Sun 01-Feb-15 22:19:52

Michelle is definitely a follower & not a leader - shame as she appeared so promising the first few days. I actually think she is one of the most disingenuous housemates & not true to herself oddly.

WienerDiva Sun 01-Feb-15 22:22:08

Just catching up with last night's. I'll be up until gone midnight, I'll then understand what everyone's talking about for tomorrow night's show. I'm too busy for tv!

HoraceCope Sun 01-Feb-15 22:25:15

but michelle had NO nominations last week. the only one

SoleSource Sun 01-Feb-15 22:25:39


youarekiddingme Sun 01-Feb-15 22:25:50

My ads were after the show. I was a little slow blush mine were same as horace tho.

SinisterBuggyMonth Sun 01-Feb-15 22:26:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Handsup Sun 01-Feb-15 22:26:12

Just had a look at Perez Hilton's blog blush & saw something about Whitney Houston's daughter's condition deteriorating - possibly brain damage? sad

NutcrackerFairy Sun 01-Feb-15 22:26:25

She is one of the 'mean girls' Horace

She was very nasty and aggressive towards Alicia.

She and Michelle are both up KHole's arse.

SoleSource Sun 01-Feb-15 22:27:27

Old news but good for records.

AnneEyhtMeyer Sun 01-Feb-15 22:28:25

Just read that somewhere else, Hands. It isn't looking good for her.

SoleSource Sun 01-Feb-15 22:28:40

I liked your ads better you are

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