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Stars in their eyes really plummets new depths

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arlagirl Sat 31-Jan-15 19:28:53

Disclaimer...I am ill in bed and can't reach the controls.
Its appalling.

Lepreporn Sat 31-Jan-15 19:41:58

I agree. My 6 year old dd is glued and won't let me change the channel.
It came on after the cube and I forgot to change the channel.

RedCrayons Sat 31-Jan-15 19:59:28

Even my DCs think its rubbish and they have low standards.

Frozenchipsareawful Sat 31-Jan-15 20:47:37

Harry Hills heyday was Burb. This is just rubbish. Should b binned asap

Rivercam Sun 01-Feb-15 21:44:43

The video about the singers, and the actual performance are okay. It's the fake interview in the house which is a shambles. The singers all look embaressed to be there. That section is not funny.

threepiecesuite Sun 01-Feb-15 21:47:40

It's dreadful isn't it. Even for itv.

MrsKravitzFromAcrossTheStreet Sun 01-Feb-15 23:36:45

Really? People don't like it? Me and DH find it really funny! I liked the warning about not texting as you may still be charged and social services might take your children away. The performers are usually very good too I think.

PolkadotsAndMoonbeams Sun 01-Feb-15 23:37:55

Switch to Challenge at nine instead - they're showing the first ever series at the moment.

BreakingDad77 Mon 02-Feb-15 13:55:48

"Burps in my eyes" kinda sums it up for me.

queenoftheknight Mon 02-Feb-15 18:18:04

I am sure it is a giant piss take out of the whole talent show genre. In which case, IT's hysterically funny! It MUST be! That chest wig and head wig on "Neil Diamond" was the funniest thing on telly all week!

I think that the original was as creepy as fuck, and reminded me of the film Single White Female. This is just fun.

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