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Damian Lewis fans line up for Wolf Hall tonight

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Travelledtheworld Wed 21-Jan-15 11:29:20

Wednesday 21st January BBC2 Channel 4

lush costumes.

Valsoldknickers Wed 21-Jan-15 12:03:57

Thanks for the reminder! Will be recording it. It looks like it's going to be fantastic.

ohmymimi Wed 21-Jan-15 18:09:55

I've just rewatched 'The Forsythe

TheTravellingLemon Wed 21-Jan-15 18:13:01

I'm stupidly excited about this. DL is an great choice for the role I think. I have it recorded!

ohmymimi Wed 21-Jan-15 18:21:00

Oops - 'The Forsyte Saga', he was a superb Soames. Am I the only one to feel slight disappointment that Mark Rylance is playing Cromwell? I'm not a fan - no doubt that's me banned from the Globe forever more - plus, I always envisage TC's physique as more bull-necked bruiser. I hope I will warm to him, as I've so been looking forward to this TV adaptation (bit of a Tudor obsessive since 'A' level Historyblush)

WellTidy Wed 21-Jan-15 18:21:29

I can't watch him in anything since Homeland. To me, he is Brody. I don't want to entertain that he might not be being Brody all the time 24/7 as that would mean that Brody wasn't real smile

JustCallMeDory Wed 21-Jan-15 18:23:09

Soooo excited grin
Although more excited about Wolf Hallness than Damien Lewisness

SingSongSlummy Wed 21-Jan-15 18:24:36

Am very excited too - some of it was filmed on my street, so will be looking out for that!!

JustCallMeDory Wed 21-Jan-15 18:28:57

oooh SingSong you must live somewhere filmic-ly beautiful.

3littlefrogs Wed 21-Jan-15 18:33:39

I went to see the theatre production and really enjoyed it.

3littlefrogs Wed 21-Jan-15 18:36:52

Hopefully DH will understand a bit more this time and won't keep asking me who is who. (He never studied history and is a bit baffled by all things related to English history as he is not originally from this part of the world).

MuddhaOfSuburbia Wed 21-Jan-15 18:37:32

I'm still huffing about Rylance

he looks like Mantell's version of Thomas More iykwim

and I've only seen a glimpse of whoever it is who is Thomas More and he looks downright repulsive

MuddhaOfSuburbia Wed 21-Jan-15 18:40:02

oooh and I'm sure I saw Tom Hiddleston's sister is in it

I didn't even know he HAD an acty sister

ohmymimi Wed 21-Jan-15 18:57:53

It's Anton Lesser, Mud.

ohmymimi Wed 21-Jan-15 19:04:05

3little - get your DH a box set of 'The Tudors' to give him some truly historically accurate background.grin

Travelledtheworld Wed 21-Jan-15 19:09:47

DL is a superb actor and I am lookng forward to seeing this.
However I have gone off him a little since I heard him on Desert Island Discs and he actually used the phrase " My Lady Wife" . I just hope he was being ironic....

WellTidy Wed 21-Jan-15 19:11:53

Travelled, This is why I never watch or listen to him on anything but Homeland. It ruins it, you see.

ohmymimi Wed 21-Jan-15 19:20:13

Travelled - In jest? He has got a sense of humour, after all, his children's names are Gulliver and Manon. wink

3littlefrogs Wed 21-Jan-15 19:46:01



rookiemere Wed 21-Jan-15 21:26:18

Oh dear, not overlly impressed so far, didn't like the way they felt the need for Wolsey to recite the story of Henry and Katherine to Cromwell - it seems unlikely that he would have needed such a precise recap.

LIZS Wed 21-Jan-15 21:29:56

Facts dumbed down and a bit s-l-o-w. Would women generally be able to read ?

MuddhaOfSuburbia Wed 21-Jan-15 21:30:38


Skiingmaniac Wed 21-Jan-15 21:31:03

I'm bored of it already hmm

MuddhaOfSuburbia Wed 21-Jan-15 21:31:44

iirc women not normally able to read

Thomas More's daughters on the other hand v v educated

AmeliaPeabody Wed 21-Jan-15 21:32:02

I'd forgotten about this! Thank you. Will have to catch up later.

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