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The LEgacy on Sky arts

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Armpitt Sat 17-Jan-15 17:57:27

ok. So I LOVE IT but here are things I have noticed:

1. Gro's ear lobes are most disturbing - totally stuck to the side of her head.

2. Signe's are also weird but I had had wine when I noticed and now can't remember why they are, think it is her upper ear.

3. Signe - FFS LOSE THE TRACKSUIT and get something to wear. THe clumsy symbolism of the snazzy dress at the Museum launch wasn't lost on me but fgs even in court she looks shit.

4. The Handball thing. Why is the mother so involved? Why do they have a lawyer seemingly working in the cafeteria? Why does a quite famous sportsman play in a school gym?

5. The German lover - can Danes tell if he is German? Does his wife not wonder wtf he is doing? IS he an alcoholic? He takes mad old gro for a meal in Copenhagen that takes TWO HOURS to drive to!

6. The house itself. Its a bit shit, isnt it? You couldnt find a clean mug in that kitchen, that is for sure and wtf does Rene do?

DramaAlpaca Sat 17-Jan-15 18:01:16

I love it too.

There's already a short thread on it, come & join us:

Armpitt Sat 17-Jan-15 18:12:54

thanks drama i will * heaves post over *

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