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Anyone watching Angry, White and Proud?

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AWholeLottaNosy Wed 14-Jan-15 22:06:58

Scared and dismayed already. " I hate Muslims with a passion. More than I hate West Ham.."


( but at least he's living with his mum..) hmm

AWholeLottaNosy Wed 14-Jan-15 22:08:53

'The South London Infidels' ( masterminded from Ken's mum's house in Kent..)


Theresadogonyourballs Wed 14-Jan-15 22:09:44

I've given it 5 minutes, but in not sure I can watch any more. Just so appalling in every way. And the way that bloke spoke about his little daughter angry!

AWholeLottaNosy Wed 14-Jan-15 22:12:42

I agree. On a level with football hooligans. But with a frightening purpose. I'm watching this to hope they show themselves up as the idiots they are...

Theresadogonyourballs Wed 14-Jan-15 22:13:04

God, they're all thick as mince aren't they? Horrifying and scary in equal measures.

BastardGoDarkly Wed 14-Jan-15 22:15:46

Yes, not exactly intellectuals are they?

Football hooligans to far right boot boys, they're just hate filled aren't they? Wankers.

AWholeLottaNosy Wed 14-Jan-15 22:17:03

Racist bully boys

ineedsomeinspiration Wed 14-Jan-15 22:19:19

Awful awful awful, why why why are these people so full of hate. What an horrible way to live your life.

Newshoesplease Wed 14-Jan-15 22:19:23

I can't bare to watch. Channel 4 give far too much air time to these kinds of people.

AWholeLottaNosy Wed 14-Jan-15 22:19:24

Really shocked to see this in Brighton of all places...

VivaLeBeaver Wed 14-Jan-15 22:20:42

Scary stuff.

The right wingers on that march had gone looking for a fight.

cleanmachine Wed 14-Jan-15 22:20:54

Horrible and distressing. I've led a pretty sheltered life as i didn't think that many people were like this. This programme and some threads on mn this pay week have been shocking.

Ubik1 Wed 14-Jan-15 22:22:13

I turned it off.

Boring boring knobheads on TV. Wall to wall stupid.

ASAS Wed 14-Jan-15 22:24:28

I feel very proud of the police force. A lot of this is reminiscent of Glasgow post referendum. I wonder if individual police officers ever feel scared or intimidated by the demos.

Aeroflotgirl Wed 14-Jan-15 22:26:13

Bloody awful, tge way he spoke about his little dd sad. The way view girls/ladies. Utter yobbos!

Aeroflotgirl Wed 14-Jan-15 22:28:10

They are not a good representative of Britain, they are embarassing!

fruitloopsandfruitshoots Wed 14-Jan-15 22:29:11

I think i'm going to turn it off, I can't stand them. They are so unbelievably stupid. How do people become so ignorant and angry? I despair that there are people like this out there.

BastardGoDarkly Wed 14-Jan-15 22:30:39

clean there aren't many people like this thank god. Plenty of closet racists mind, but these idiots are in a small minority.

OydNeverDeclinesGin Wed 14-Jan-15 22:30:47

My favourite so far has gotta be the guy who tracked down jihadists... using Google. Yeah, our security services missed a trick there, cheers mate. hmm

Theresadogonyourballs Wed 14-Jan-15 22:30:57

Given up, off for a calming bath. What a way to live your existence - foul mouthed, full of hate and violence. I feel so sorry for their poor kids sad.

MyballsareSandy Wed 14-Jan-15 22:32:18

Very depressing. Missed the bit about the daughter, what did he say?

cleanmachine Wed 14-Jan-15 22:33:02

I know bastard. You're right. There's not that many. I've realised that even on mn it's not that there's lots of bigots just that the same ones keep reappearing on different threads making the same points.

TurquoiseDress Wed 14-Jan-15 22:34:48

Those guys are a bunch of idiot scumbags.

Anyone know where in South London they are from?

fruitloopsandfruitshoots Wed 14-Jan-15 22:35:52

Do you think that the Home Office will be knocking on their doors tomorrow offering them national security jobs? I mean, they've got some revolutionary ideas haven't they?! Google...who'd have thought?!

Maki79 Wed 14-Jan-15 22:36:02

Awful, truly awful. Utter wankers, utterly ruining the st George's flag. And a son of 2 immigrants!! Insane lack of empathy!!

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