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Broadchurch question

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letsplaynice Sat 10-Jan-15 23:14:04

I'm just watching series 1 I'm on episode 5 the one where Tom dies at the end. Anyway that's not my question. My question is when the parents are looking through Danny's photos there is jumperoo type thing and other baby toys Why when their kids are older?

EmDuffers Sun 11-Jan-15 02:40:41

Tom doesn't die. He's still very much alive in series 2 so far.

I haven't watched the first series in a long time so don't remember the scene you are talking about.

They are expecting a new baby or they are Dannys old toys at a guess.

letsplaynice Sun 11-Jan-15 09:47:27

Not Tom sorry the newspaper shop guy but that's not the point what are all the baby toys for?

fluffling Sat 17-Jan-15 21:04:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Suddengeekgirl Sun 18-Jan-15 09:05:15

I was more shock that they weren't worried about not seeing their 11yo son before they left for work on the morning of his disappearance/ murder.
And that he had a paper round. Pretty sure kids aren't meant to work until 13.

I didn't like the ending of series 1.

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