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24 Hours in A and E

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Clawdy Wed 07-Jan-15 22:48:12

Sad tonight. That young biker who seemed annoying at first, but had had such sorrow in his life. And the young doctor,too. And that sweet young couple who looked about thirteen....

Pancakeflipper Wed 07-Jan-15 22:50:34

Is this the programme I saw very briefly tonight with a 13yr old boy (called Will ?). Was he ok? Did he speak? Hope he was fine.

Clawdy Wed 07-Jan-15 22:52:52

Yes,he was fine at the end, Pancake!

Bisgetti Wed 07-Jan-15 22:57:43

Just love this, but missed this weeks episode (because I was busy cleaning!) Always makes me feel more appreciatative of my good health and good fortunate.

Pancakeflipper Wed 07-Jan-15 23:00:32

Ta Clawdy! I can sleep well tonight!

Vivacia Thu 08-Jan-15 08:32:15

The biker was an interesting character. Very un-likeable at first but then better for knowing. Seemed quite angry and vulnerable underneath it all.

Clawdy Thu 08-Jan-15 10:09:35

Yes,he seemed very troubled. That odd comment "They're not good friends" when the nurse told him his friends had come to see him.

18yearstooold Thu 08-Jan-15 10:16:40

It was the young couple with the baby that got me and the overbearing grandma
I was watching thinking 'he's not the father' then he said he wasn't towards the end and I thought wow, what a grown up young man, I hope they make a success of things

Clawdy Thu 08-Jan-15 16:35:16

Yes,they were lovely but so very young.

feelingfitter Thu 08-Jan-15 20:19:16

Re the young couple, I loved his "blood makes relations, loyalty makes a family" (or words to that affect) that really got me. So wise and so very true. I too hope they can make a good go of things.

Instituteofstudies Thu 08-Jan-15 23:34:16

I was so moved by the people in tonight's episode. All the patients, except Will, had lost parents or been through a lot at a young age (Amira's mum). They were so wise and self-aware, maybe because they've had to deal with so much and know what really matters in life. Her partner was so mature for such a young guy and clearly couldn't love that little girl any more if he were her biological father. They seem a loving family and I so hope things work out for them all.

I love Rhys the Consultant. His compassion and love for humanity just shine out. He really has a handle on how people feel, cope and react in extremis.

Nancy66 Thu 08-Jan-15 23:52:42

the teenage couple were very sweet and he seemed like a lovely lad. I hope they stay together.

ToffeeCaramel Sun 11-Jan-15 08:23:50

The young boy seemed like a very caring, loving dad. I worried a bit though that if they were to split up at some point, would he have any right to see the child? I think he'd be devastated if so and the child would lose out too. I hope it works out for them

ToffeeCaramel Sun 11-Jan-15 08:34:00

Sorry, I mean if he had no right to see the child

Clawdy Sun 11-Jan-15 17:00:21

Yes,that would be so sad.

secretcbeebsfan Sun 11-Jan-15 23:07:41

I just watched this episode. It was very sad but good to see some happy endings. The young couple were sweet, I had to laugh though when the young lad said something along the lines of 'I love it when she looks at me and says dada' but she was only 8 weeks old!

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